Job Ready Portfolio? (Part 3)

Hi all!

I wanted to get some feedback on my portfolio for the third time. Hoping im ready to work full-time because I feel ready!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’ve taken a look at your homepage. Love the design, did you make it yourself? Because it looks really impressive, you have a very good eye for that.

As far as projects go, I haven’t look through them but judging by what they are there seems to be some complex stuff going on.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much that really means alot!

Well done. That’s a sick scroll bar.

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That looks fantastic!! so pretty, one suggestion is that can you make the three columns showing your skills align horizontally? Feels that would make it look nicer. Also the rows showing your identity, how about make it visible in the font page (without scrolling)

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Everything looks wonderful. I am new to coding, but my brother works for microsoft and said one of the most important things on a portfolio page is to have quick links to navigate to the sections, maybe using smooth scroll or something.

HR departments usually take a look through, however he said when it gets to the second stage, people get aggravated because they just want to quickly get to your projects and they hate scrolling (usually all the way to the bottom) to get to them.

Just something to think about. My brother is kind of an impatient mr. know-it-all, so i usually take things he says with a grain of salt. Good luck on the job hunt!

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Thanks mate! Glad you like it haha :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kinds words! I will definitely give it a shout, trying out your suggestions :D!!

Haha, I actually had them on my last portfolio, but some people were telling me nav links were a waste of time so I didn’t add them here. I feel like their necessary though so i’ll most likely add them in. Thanks for the advice brother and welcome the coding world! :slight_smile:

I am really impressed with your overall design. I just went quickly through your projects and they look really complex. I think I would try to mock your projects as a practice. You made my day!. Thank you

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I also checked how the page look like on a mobil device and there is some overflow hidden in some area like the identity part, probably would wanna fix that.

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Here’s my thoughts. First off, great site!

  • your front-end, blockchain, and sensai all need to be the same size.

  • your code ninjas icon is misaligned.

  • asking someone to email you for more projects is irrelevant. If they are not on your site they don’t count. No one is going to bother.

  • instead of having a separate page for your message form, put it into the footer. There’s no need to go to a separate page. 1 page sites are what’s in and it’s just going to make people not do it.

Hope this helps!

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Not if he wants to highlight his skills regarding blockchain :slight_smile:

Other points are pretty good I’d put the contact form in a modal.

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modal windows are now out and shouldn’t be used in design trends. check out 2018 design trends.

Really? First time I’m hearing of that, but will look into it. Thanks!