Is my portfolio and resume job ready for entry level?

Hello everyone,

I have just finished building my portfolio and resume . I am looking for suggestions to improve both. Is it job worthy for an entry level front-end job? If you are hiring does my portfolio and resume looks good enough to get an interview ?

Link to my porfolio is:
My Portfolio

Link to my resume is:
My Resume

Looking forward to everyone’s feedback. Thank you :slight_smile:

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I don’t really know about resume and portfolio for a job point of view but I can tell that these don’t match with your design.

Instead of writing D3, HTML5, etc, you should use icons for these. That’ll be better visually. And some of the images look squashed. Other than that, it looks decent.

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I think you are off to a great start, but my biggest concern is that your portfolio consists entirely of freeCodeCamp certification projects.

I am very comfortable saying that there are many of our users who are looking for developer work, and that means employers have seen a lot of these projects. I would strongly encourage you to branch out a bit and build some things on your own. What you choose does not have to be the next “big thing”, or some amazingly innovative idea - most important is that you build things that showcase your current skills and your personal flair.

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Hey Hrishikesh,

cool site!

My ideas:

  • design-wise, I would highly recommend to give the images the same width. Currently this looks very inconsistent.

  • I think filling a portfolio with a lot of “basic” skills like HTML/CSS creates a lot of noise; it’s like adding “I can drive a car” when applying for a job as a taxi driver; recruiters know that you know HTML when you have React projects

Good luck!

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Feedback about your exercise tracker.
Using dev build of React in production is not a good practice.
All the errors in BE are just 404’s which aren’t handled on FE.
Also you really shouldn’t include in your portfolio projects which have user generated content (I added a fairy tale, but someone could add some profanity).

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