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Hi guys,

I would really appreciate some feedbacks on my portfolio, https://rafdimartino.github.io/ . do you think is good enough to start to apply for jobs? Any suggestions would be extremely valuable

Thank you


I usually encourage to start applying as soon as possible, but in your case I’d say that it’s definitely too early.

You need at least learn JavaScript properly plus one frontend framework. Basic HTML/CSS is not enough in 2021.

Also “Flash Cards” is broken on Firefox.

Thank you for noticing that, I will fix it asap.
I am already heavily working on JavaScript, do you think for web development, is best to learn React.js?

I think it’s good enough to start applying for jobs but it depends on what you’re interested in doing.

If you want to be building web applications you may find it difficult to land an entry level position with that portfolio. But if you want to get into an agency that does Wordpress development or something along those lines you probably have a place on their team as an entry level developer.

Never hurts to apply to the companies you want to work at. It gets the conversation going and helps grow your network. Worst case, you’re not ready yet but the next time you apply they’ll recognize you and know who you are.

One thing I think you can add that will greatly improve your portfolio is a short description for each project. Just a bit about what it is, what your goals were, and what skills you’re trying to showcase.

Your survey form, for example doesn’t connect to an API or anything, but if that wasn’t the skill you were trying to demonstrate then having the form submit nowhere is totally fine. But without a bit of explanation it can just seem like an incomplete project.

Good luck with your job hunt!

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Thank you for the advices Danny, this is very helpful, my idea was to start from somewhere and move forward from there. I will take your advice on the short description for my projects. Do you have any suggestions on projects that will improve my skills and portfolio?

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I am working with JS locally, mostly on the exercises for the JS course on freeCodeCamp, do you think is worth adding them on github/ portfolio? sometime I think is not relevant but I can be wrong , what do you think is best?

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No problem!

Yep absolutely worth it! I was going to suggest that you focus on freeCodeCamp projects if you don’t know what to build :slight_smile:

Eventually you want to run further with those projects and not just stop at the minimum requirements to get the tests to pass. You’re right that they don’t add much to your portfolio if they look like “school” projects. You want to pick 1 or 2 of them and treat them like professional endeavors.

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Thanks Danny,
Once I’m done with the exercises I will find a way to integrate them in the portfolio trying to showcase the JS skills I have got.
Your suggestions made huge contribution so far.

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