Just looking for some feedback on where I am

So before coming here I already had some experience with HTML and CSS from college, so shooting through those was a breeze. I am not amazing at JavaScript so I have been working on that mostly.

I can’t wait to leave my current job for a Front End Dev job and was just curious if yall could give me feedback on some things. Like, How does my portfolio look? Realistically how close do you think I am to actually breaking into the industry (time frame and knowledge wise)? What should I work on? Any other feedback you can throw at me :smiley:

Here is my portfolio link -----> https://brandonstranc.github.io/
(the image in about me is just a placeholder! I will change it once I am ready to apply)

Thanks for any and all feedback in advance!

Your portfolio doesn’t look bad, but it could use some more projects. Your Github page will be more important when getting your first job, so make sure you’ve got a link to that on your page.

You can start applying at any time. Throw your resume out at some junior positions and see what sticks. Depending on job availability in your area, this process could take a long time, so you might as well get the ball rolling if you feel ready.