Portfolio Review Feedback

Hey All,

Would love feed back on my portfolio: https://ainneo.github.io/cyberao/
I’ve been applying for jobs but haven’t gotton any interviews. I am wondering if there are some type of front-end projects I need to add. Also what are some front-end projects that are not like the regular to-do-list types, but something that would catch a recuriters eye?

Would love some feedback on the look and feel and projects I have in general.

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Hey @ainneo, great portfolio site! I think you’ve done a great job with the work you put in so far. Even I didn’t manage to get that many sites done when I first started out. I think you are on the right track, just keep chugging at learning new things everyday.

I think what you can add to your site would be a section about yourself, your personal story. Maybe also a link to a soft copy of your resume. If you have the time, maybe even create a section for a blog where you can start writing about your learning journey. It might catch the recruiter’s eye.

As for projects, maybe you can try something that involves maps or charts or animations (or a combination of all of those). I personally haven’t done any of those but it’s on my list for 2020. Definitely something good to have in the arsenal of a front end dev.

If not, you can try to pick up some trending tech skills/frameworks such as typescript or Next.js.
Take a look at the trends here https://stateofjs.com/

Hope that helps! Keep applying and keep practising!

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thanks for the feedback… maps and charts… can you link some examples of kinds i should do? thank you!!!

hey @ainneo, looks good the one thing i notice is spacing between heading, subheading and description