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Hey everyone! :wave:

I need some advice and some much needed feedback please. I have studied front end development for a year now, I have taken many courses on Udemy, Frontend Masters, thousands of hours of youtube videos, countless books on HTML, CSS and Javascript to acquire my skills, also learned React and some of its frameworks, most notably NextJS.

At the end of May I started filling up my portfolio with some pet-projects to showcase to potential employers in preparation for my first job hunt in web development.

I published my resume for the first time ever yesterday.

Freecodecamp lets me use only 2 links per post, so the links to my resume on LinkedIn and my Github profile are on my website.

My website.

I am currently looking for an entry level position and wanted some constructive feedback on where I might improve some aspects of my resume, Github profile and my website? Also if the projects I did are enough to land me at least an internship / entry level position.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @samyzogeyb !

Welcome to the forum!

I am also working on projects for my portfolio.
I know what you are going through. :grinning:

I think it would be nice if there was a place to download your resume.
I know you have your linkedin profile but it would be nice to have that downloadable resume too.

I like your E shop project.
I personally think you should move that further up the project lists so that is the first one people see.
Also, it would be nice if the contact and favorites feature were finished.
I know your github repo says you are still working on those features but it would be nice to have those working. Right now it is just a blank page.

Hope that helps and good luck on the job search!

I think you should add images to the project cards. We as humans are more inclined to click something that visually attracts us.

I like that it is simple and clean. It might be a bit impersonal but I actually like that better than the opposite where people write some generic description of what kind of person/developer they are. It often just comes off as some cheap elevator pitch. Besides talk is cheap, code is where the money is. If you do want something in writing that shows what kind of developer you are I think having a blog is much more informative.

Hello Jessica! Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. You’re right I probably should finish those up, I guess I will have something to do on the weekend then! :grinning:

Good luck to you too with your portfolio! :wave:


Thanks for the good advice and feedback! I actually added a separate resume route on my website overnight which is more elaborate and more “attractive” for lack of a better word. And I took your advice and added image previews and it looks much better imo. :+1:

I’m not sure you should put all the site content in the /resume path. A resume is something specific.

I would center the h1 for each section and give the content a common container with a max-width. Give the sections a bit more internal vertical spacing (top/bottom padding). Use two paragraph elements for the about text, one for each of the paragraphs. Increase the font size a bit and left-align the text.

For the project grid, I would probably just default to a 3 column layout. If you give the ul a container with 1400px max-width, width 100%, and auto margin the auto grid will become a 3 column layout but will still wrap down to 2 and 1 columns.

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