Feedback on portfolio for job search

I recently finished redoing my portfolio site after having finished most of the projects on Freecodecamp. I figured I’d try and get some feedback on it before starting my job search.

One thing I was wondering about is the projects I’m showing on my projects page. Should I include the font-end only projects like the Simon game or just the full-stack projects with a link to my codepen if anyone wants to see the front-end only stuff?

That’s an awesome portfolio dude!

There is one small improvement I would like to point out. See the screenshot below.

Make the div behind the Project title completely opaque.

Nice job! I would include all projects and list the technologies used in each. Or showcase only your best projects and link to GitHub for others. People hiring may spend little to no time looking at your portfolio so make sure to show them what they want fast. Don’t forget to add your non lorem ipsum resume :wink:

I would recommend adding some styling to your links instead of having them as the default blue.