Portfolio feedback and question to improve

Hi! After a year learning web development from zero, I would like to receive some feedback about my portfolio:
-Portfolio: WebPortfolio. I am not good at design, so I dont know if it looks profesional enough for a “junior/first job”. It has 2 languages and a captcha in the contact form. I still have to improve my main projects and make a new frontend design for them (both look ugly, yes xD)
-Open source/volunteer: since in my country its really hard to get a job without experience (and I also dont have technology certifications nor a good english level) I would like to contribute to open source to improve my skills. I searched on github for “good first contributions” in the projects I know (like React) but I didnt know how to solve any of the issues I saw. Could you recommend projects to contribute as beginner or other advices?
Thank you for your time and forgive my poor english level


Hi @d-rg! First I would like to say that your web page is amazing and that I like its design.
About the open source projects: Have you checked if there are any projects from FreeCodeCamp.org on github?


I will check it. Thanks for the answer!

It looks really good - I like the header change when you scroll down. The white cards on the mostly white background is a little hard to see - maybe a slightly stronger shadow on the MuiGrid parts.

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Thanks for the advice! I increased the shadow and border in the cards grid.

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