Feedback for Portfolio in React / Redux :)

Hey guys, finally got my portfolio up in React & Redux with the few projects I’ve done so far. Thought it might to time to ask for feedback - any tips on functionality, bugs or code quality would be greatly appreciated if you have a minute to take a look!

Github repo is here:

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Your work/projects links are broken. I clicked on Simon’s project, and I ended up with something entirely different. I then observed that the same link is probably overlapping several of your projects. Most likely you did not close the </a> tag somewhere properly.

The overarching UI/UE experience is…mmm…o.k., Not really sharp, not very attractive looking website. Fonts are not that great.

Hope this helps!

@dr.shreeman Thanks for your feedback. I haven’t added all of the links or images to the project folder yet, I just added the projects to test the filter. I’ll be pulling all projects from github to be hosted on subfolders on the site.

Sorry you don’t like the UI design - was going for a ‘terminal’ theme :slight_smile:

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