Re Created My Portfolio V2 - Requesting Feedback

Hi Guys,

After long time learning I finally redid my portfolio from scratch using react. Now I am trying to find a developer job. So this portfolio and included projects are critical for it.

Therefor please visit my portfolio site, my projects and give me any brutal feedback, ratings, advises to be success.

Also checkout Arrow Key Navigation and Mobile Touch Swipe Navigation is working as intended.

Portfolio Link -

Thank You.


It’s a good overall site, just blur out your box-shadow more, the shadow looks too bold right now.

Very slick!

One suggestion: choose either the hamburger menu bar or the top navbar for the desktop view. You only need one.

Out of curiousity did you do a code bootcamp? I have a friend who went through one recently and also did a Mars related app. Could just be a coincidence though.

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Thanks for the feedback. i guess shadow stand out too much.

@ellereeeee Thank for the feedback. Showing hamburger menu for only mobile resolutions will be good idea.

I didn’t participated in a bootcamp. But I created front end and someone else created etherium backed. Maybe he was you friend? (He was USA).

By the way I like south Korea very much. Hope one day I will be able to visit it.:heart_eyes:

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It’s nice. I find it a bit weird though that in your portfolio site in projects you have a link to your portfolio site, feels like a recursion :stuck_out_tongue:

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@svmi3195 Thank you for feedback. Just linking only source code of portfolio would be ok?

Any other feedback please?

With webkit scrollbar a bit more width is too skinny.


@SandunAAM I also wanted to develop portfolio like this, what are the things needed to make , like animation things and all?

This is amazing! Can I ask what you used to make your little cartoon person at the bottom?

You spelled “following” wrong at the bottom.

This is a great looking site! I was about to say you should change the projects lay out a bit because your “Skills” website took up a lot of space and made that section too long. It looks much nicer having 3 sites in a row like you have it now. I guess the only thing left I would change is to uncaptilize “Feel” in the Contact section.

@killerkaran For scrolling I used native “Smooth Scrolling” API. For other animation I used “Animation.Css” library with customized css and react.

@paytonjewell Thank for the feedback. I didn’t create it. Found it online.

@rstorms Thank you. Nice catch.

@jesusnunezxoco Thanks for the feedback. Is skill section far long in even desktop resolution. May I ask witch resolution/device did you check?

@bestdesign Thanks for the feedback. May I ask scroll bar width hard to scroll or hard to notice or both ?

Is not that hard but skinny scrollbar is not the best in my opinion. minimum is 10px width for it.

Ok. Thanks for clarification.