Need feedback to polish portfolio for getting hired

Hello everybody, I’m seeking for a web developer jobs. I just graduated from a college with just a Associate Degree. Can anybody give me feedback on my portfolio and my LinkedIn. Is there information that I need to fill in. Thank you so much. Here is my porfolio:

I would strongly advise not putting numbers/percentages on proficiency. For example, JS at 90%, React at 80%. Are you really an expert in both of these things? Because that’s what it looks like you’re saying.

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Okay, thanks, let me switch to use another type of reasonable unit.

There isn’t really a reasonable unit (like, 90% or 9/10 stars or whatever is kinda like saying you’ve used it in production for years). Don’t put numbers on skills unless you want people to quiz you based on that perceived level (and you’re implying that you’re expert at several things here by putting numbers on them). I get that it’s tempting to do so and it gives you a pretty graph, but just listing some technologies you are familiar with is better.


Nice portfolio. I don’t see anything that screams out to me in a negative way and I would say that the design is a little bland for my taste but I’ve definitely seen more basic/boring looking sites.

I think the background image hit me as boring and it effected how I viewed the rest of the site. It not only looks like a campus but it also makes me feel like what I’m looking at is something a student put together - which even if that’s true, might not be an impression you want to make.

The nav bar seems either a bit too thick, too plain, or both. Something about it looks unpolished to me. Also, the links look awkward as they are neither centered nor flush enough to either side.

The Codepen icon in your main section looks to be too far to the right as the GitHub and LinkedIn icons are closer together.

The about me section looks crowded and asymmetrical. I agree that “ranking” your proficiency in each skill doesn’t seem to have much practical benefit (even though I think the hover effects for your graph are really neat). I also think the written summary you have at the bottom of your graph is redundant. Lastly, I would like to see your profile pic placement be aligned with something in the section (centered vertically, for example). I’d suggest replacing the graph and skills summary with a stylized list of text or icons (like you’ve done in the “demonstrated technologies” list for your projects). Maybe even listing your skills in a separate section, if you’re inclined.

I like the purple/cyan color scheme and the angled section transitions. The sections with the white background looks boring to me but the angled bordered seem to do enough to make it interesting.

I really that your project tiles are animated. I also like the layout of the title, description, and technologies used. I think it would be a good idea (and easy) to add a “live demo” button alongside your GitHub button underneath each project tile. Even though the tile itself is a link I think this may not be apparent to some and it doesn’t hurt to make it easier for a user to understand their options. Also, two buttons instead of one would look better symmetry-wise, I think.

The purple/cyan color scheme shines again in your contact form.

Your CV button color looks out of place. It may be the same color as the text of your name in your main section (don’t know if that is what you are going for…) but the elements are too far apart to look consistent. I would say if your want that red color to be a significant part of your color scheme (which may or may not not look good), you should incorporate it more in the rest of your site (maybe make the nav and footer background that color or combine your projects into one section with a red background color?).

That’s all I have for now. Hope this feedback helps buddy!

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Oh, thank you for your extremely detail feedback. I agree with you that at some point on the page, it looks a little bit out of place. I’ll work on changing colors of some elements and representing my technincal skills. I appreciate your time.

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It looks good. I agree with most of the other comments. The only thing I will emphasis is not to grade yourself at all. It’s lose lose… either you undervalue and don’t get the interview or you overvalue and are overwhelmed in the job which is disappointing to everyone. The chances that your interpretation of “80%” matches someone else’s is slim. In fact, when looking at a job posting pay more attention to the description rather than “junior” or “senior“. If you can do what the ask apply.

What you have done well with the rest of your portfolio is to demonstrate what you can do.

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Thank you everybody for your feedback. I have made the correct modification on my portfolio.