Portfolio Project needs feedback

Hello Everyone!! :wave:

I’ve been working for the past couple of days on my personal portfolio page and I’ve come up with the best design in my opinion, but as a starter I need somebody to asses it and let me either if there is a problem or the feeling he/she have on the project. So, here I am asking you to please take a look at the project and point me out if you find anything I can add on to or any bug.

Note: The feed back isn’t limited to this project but also for every other project you found the links in this portfolio project.

Thanks in advance for your time and constructive suggestion!

Here is the link: https://bitzs-alex.github.io/portfolio-page/


Wooooooooooooooooooooooow, Look man your portfolio and all other projects are dope.

You really have an eye for design and color harmony.

How do you guys do it ??? Any pointers would be really much appreciated

Anyway here is my portfolio too —> https://danielkpodo.github.io/portfolio/

It looks awesome. Just one thing I’m curious about, how did you come up with the percentages next to your proficiencies? Giving yourself a rating out of 100 in html for example, the rating seems pretty arbitrary. Especially when you have a bunch of projects already showing your skills, there doesn’t seem to be much point assigning a number to it, but you could be selling yourself short to potential employers, when they could just look at the projects and rate you themselves. Not really a problem, just a thought.

@M-Michelini thanking you for your point let me make my self clear, as a person I don’t like to exaggerate things I fill like nobody can reach the level of 100%, I mean if you are expert to there is still something you don’t know, maybe ya I evaluate myself little bit short but hey I don’t like to evaluate my self, would it be outrageous of me if I ask you to put your evaluation for me?

My point was sort of that everyone’s evaluations are going to be different depending on what they are looking for. I could give you a number, but it would be just as arbitrary as yours. Your projects can speak for themselves.

@narh your projects all are great they are far better than mine