Does it worth, Personal Portfolio Project?

Hey Guys,
I just want to know here I have created my first Personal portfolio page at Reactorboy Personal Portfolio.

Guys have a look at it and let me know if it is worth to continue, any suggestion will be helpful too

Your hyperlink doesn’t go to the right address/is broken.

Thanks for mentioning , I have fixed it, can you suggest me now

anyone ?? can you suggest me some improvisations

I personally don’t like when people Self rate their skills. You may be amazing among your current peers but actually a 10 for the job I am looking for, OR you might think you’re really bad but actually amazing for what I need etc.

I think a full navigation to what I need directly would be good. IE: Projects, instead of scrolling myself to the bottom of page, even have projects nearer to top etc?

Looks good overall though! :slight_smile: Don’t ditch it.


I don’t understand your self rate point , can you elaborate it more please

If you say your skillset of wordpress is 90%, what does that mean?
You know 90% of all wordpress?

To you it may mean something different to me. Your 10% rating of a skill may be all I need, but when I see that, I think you know nothing but really you could be really hard on yourself. OR you may put yourself at 90% but for the skills I need I may rate you 50% etc.

Overall, I think it just has no meaning, your projects that show the skills off are what shine through. What does 30% nodeJS mean etc?

Just my opinion. :slight_smile:

You are right , instead of that should I write Beginner, Intermediate and advanced ??

Just a very rough guide I came across for these terms.

Beginner: self evident
Intermediate: 2+ years of working in a specific area of expertise, for example WordPress
Expert: 5+ years of working in a specific area of expertise

If you are just starting out I would omit all mention of this until you gain some real life working experience.

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Agreed; I wouldn’t put the % rating scale. You could include a list of skills you work with, but don’t rate yourself.

There’s several boxes that say “Projects”, but nothing is loading for me there. You’re probably still working on this part?

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This is just my take, but rather than listing your skills and where YOU rate them (because this is rather subjective), let your work speak for you. Show the projects where you have utilized those skills. That will give people reviewing your work a much more concrete basis of where your skills are.

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what to do then ditch whole rating idea, but how I can tell people about my level of skills I have?

Yes doing 3 projects in a row and soon adding them on it

A good suggestion I am looking for thanks

You could list the libraries, languages, and other tech that you have experience with and show your projects (the evidence) of using each of those, theres no need to “tell people” about your “level” of skill, they will see :slight_smile:
Hope this helps!

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Looks very Clean but I would have to agree with AAronP. Spacing looks very clean thou.

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Fabulous looking website! Get rid of the percentages you only need to list the skills. They will change over time and you will have to keep updating the website. LOL.

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