Can someone give me a feedback on my portfolio

Can someone give me a feedback on my portfolio ?
hamedd .com

I will really appreciate it.


You have done a very nice job! I really like the animated background.

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Woah! I love the design dude! Good work!

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It looks amazing, you should add the working projects with github pages instead of the video maybe

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I was watching a youtube video commenting on portfolio pages, and this is what he said about rating yourself:

Do not show the rating of your skills, because it’s very subjective. Instead, list your experience. Let the employer decide for themselves what to rate you, that’s the point of the interview.

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is it not good to let the employer in advance so they can filter you up on the project or position they wanted you to be placed?

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I don’t think you understood my post, by all means, you should share what languages you have experience with, however, you should NOT rate yourself.

For example, if we ask 100 web devs at the same experience and skill level, will all of them rate themselves the same? No, some will be 4/5 some 3/5, others 9/10, maybe somebody is at 88%?

What information does the employer get from your own rating of yourself? None.

It could also be detrimental as well.

For example, you rate yourself 3/5 in CSS. The employer could infer many things from that. Such as you are not confident, maybe you don’t know flex-box or grid, maybe you’re a beginner. In the real world, you may be working with CSS 10 hours a day, confidence through the roof, flex-box, and grid come naturally to you. But your resume was already tossed into the garbage and you will never get a call from that company and you will never be able to flatter them at the interview.

My point is that you should use cold hard facts instead of speculative items.
But all that being said, this is just my opinion.

Here’s the video for reference, it should start @ 6:30.

Animation on background a bit distracting, if you can use it only on one part of the web page, for example on the part with your hello and name, and than on more clean backs, have your skills and other info. This will be more readable and respectful to the content you present.
Also, sticky navigation can be a good point.

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Amazing work. You deserve a rating of 11/10 :slightly_smiling_face:

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