This is my Personal Portfolio. Feedback Appreciated

Hi all,
The link below is my personal portfolio. Any feedback or comments is appreciated.
Thank You ! :slight_smile:

Personal Portfolio

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Personally I don’t like it. Sorry.
It looks plain and doesn’t tell me anything about you other than you have some skills.
The projects don’t link to any code or demos so I cannot see evidence of your skills.
You listed node.js as one of your skills but I don’t see any node projects on Github.
I hope this is not the finished version!

I really like your portfolio. One minor fault: The resume bar leads nowhere, only the text itself opens a new window, might want to change that.

As JohnnyBizzel stated above, it would be best if your projects section actually led me to the projects themselves.

Hi Johnny, thanks for the feedback.
I just add the links to the projects and this is not the final version.
I will add more content and to my portfolio later. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Hi IkerSS, thanks for the feedback.
Thanks for point out the problem about the button. I just fixed this problem and add links to the projects.
This is not the final version and later I will add more contain and detail to my portfolio.
Thanks again :slight_smile: