Portfolio help required for resume

Hy all,

I have just finished my Portfolio and GitHub and resume.I have been working as a freelancer for the last 2 years on Fiverr. I have just done my graduation and applying for a Web Developer .Please Review my resume Here . I would really appreciate mistakes and suggestions to get jobs in big firms or in software houses.


I just took a look at your resume and I have a few comments. I’ll try to break things down into more objective comments vs. more subjective comments, but please don’t feel compelled to take any of these suggestions and let me know if you have any questions!

I’ll just go down the CV, so these will mostly be in order:


  1. It looks like you’re using capitalized headers (experience, education, etc.), but for some reason, only “experience” is showing up in bold.
  2. I’m not sure what the “Searchable Encryption Based Private Email Server” is. Is that a project you worked on? It looks like you’re setting things up so that you’re highlighting two experiences—freelancing, and this email server. I think that they should either both be capitalized or not, but right now, “FREELANCING” is in caps and “Searchable Encryption Based Private Email Server” is not. Side note: I actually think it should be “encryption-based” (with the hyphen).
  3. It looks like you have some dates with months, and some not. For example, Freelancing is 2017-present, and the email server is 2017-may 2019. The lone month looks a little out of place.


  1. To my eye, it looks like there’s a space or something before “Software Engineering”. For whatever reason, it’s not lining up with the “Education” line.
  2. For your software engineering degree, I would switch the CGPA and the University lines, for two reasons: One, on every other education entry, you have the little school icon and then the name of the school is right next to the icon and switching these places would keep this consistent; and two, I think that the name of the school is more “important” than the GPA on a resume. I don’t mean that, like, “it’s more important” in life, but I do think that, on a resume, the school name is expected while the GPA is nice but optional, implying to me that, in a resume context, the school name should be higher than the GPA.


  1. Now we’re getting into more subjective thoughts. I personally think that the phrasing of “The following are my best skills which I believe are applicable to the position I have applied for” is a little awkward. I might say something more like, “I believe that I am well-suited for the position, thanks in large part to my skills in the following areas:” or something.
  2. There should be some punctuation after “langauges” (I recommend a colon), i.e. “Coding in Multiple Languages: Java, Python, PHP”
  3. Totally a personal choice, but I’d be inclined to either add an “etc.” after the above list of languages, or add an ‘and’, like “Java, Python, and PHP”. But that’s pretty subjective.
  4. I would try to keep the capitalization consistent. In “EXPERIENCE” and “PERSONAL SKILLS”, you use normal sentence case, but in “SKILLS AND ABILITIES”, you capitalize words in the middle of sentences (i.e. “Logical and Structured Thinking”).


  1. I think you mean you can work without constant supervision by “employers”, not “employees” :slight_smile:


  1. Your career statement is formatting a little awkwardly. For me, it’s showing up like:
    … work in a fun and challenging
    environment that will encourage him…

I’m not sure why “working” is showing up on a separate line, but it definitely looks somewhat odd.

  1. I get what you’re going for with your career statement, but it’s a little long for an unpunctuated sentence. I would either break it up into a few (2-3) different sentences, or add some punctuation to help it not run on for so long. If you decide to take another crack at it, I’d be happy to look at an updated sentence!

  2. where it says “GitHub”, the word “GitHub” is bolded, while “Fiverr” and “Portfolio” aren’t, which looks strange. I can’t tell because it’s bold, but it almost even looks like “GitHub” is a larger font, too? Either way, it’s definitely different at least because of the bolding.

That’s all I see for now. Please let me know if you have any questions, and I’d be happy to take a look at an updated draft!

Good luck!

Hy ryoungblom ,

Thank you very much for your response. i was busy with some projects , just got time to check it out. i am very thankful to you <3 .

I have updated My Resume as you have suggested , i just wanted to know that :

[Click Here] for my Portfolio .

[Click Here] for my GitHub .

i think it’s more awkward “Click Here” , what is was thinking like : "Check Out my Portfolio " . please give me your feedback , i am already very pleased by your service.

Thanks Awais.