Please review my resume

Hi all,
I just finished my portfolio site and getting ready to apply for junior front end jobs. Please review my resume and feel free to let me know if I need to alter anything. I really appreciate you help.

My 2 cents worth of suggestions:

#1) Get rid of the Skills section and then in your Project experience section, I would document the top 3 skills that helped you complete a specific project. Also, in the Project experience section, describe the benefits of your work on the project. The 2nd bullet of your Portfolio Site is better than the first bullet, because it attempts to explain specifically what the result of optimizing the images did (reduced loading time). A better 2nd bullet would summarize how you optimized the images and give a more quantitative metric for the loading time reduction (i.e reduced loading time by 50%). The 1st bullet just states what you did, but gives no information of how it was valuable. Most of what I have said here would also apply to each job in your Work experience section.

#2) Your objective statement is very generic. I have always found Objective statements fairly useless. It is better to put such information on a cover letter and even then it really needs to be specific for the job your are putting in for. For example, an objective statement should summarize how your skills/education is going to have a direct impact for the job you are trying to get. Your current objective seems more focused on how you will benefit instead of how a company would benefit from hiring you. I am not sure if you are going for front-end, back-end, full-stack work, but that would definitely be something you should put in your object.

#3) This suggestion is more about your portfolio in general as it relates to your resume. I suggest adding only projects which really highlight your expertise. Also, the projects should have a specific purpose and can stand alone. The Random Quote and Tribute Page definitely do. The Pixel Art Maker seems more like a feature that would be an another app and the Movie Trailer Website seems incomplete, because you only have a few movies and tv shows. It would be much more impressive if this website would pull the movies/tv shows from another API which had many movies/tv shows. Also, I know you have a Github link at the bottom of your portfolio, but you really should link to the specific repository for the project being viewed, so a hiring manager does not have to wade through all your other projects… When the modal pops up with the Demo link, I would add a link to the applicable repository.


Great job on both your resume and your portfolio site. To add onto the above post, these are some minor things that I noticed:


  • Your LinkedIn URL should be in all-lowercase letters (the second “i” seems to be upper-case).
  • Your GitHub URL is formed incorrectly. It should point to either your main GitHub account (, or your GitHub Pages site ( As it is now, it’s a broken link.
  • No need to separate Bootstrap 3 and 4. Just combine them and say “Bootstrap”.
  • There’s no real need to add operating systems to your skills. And unless you know both OSes really well (as in advanced knowledge of both—for example, in the case of Windows are you familiar with the Registry?), you should leave them off anyway.
  • You may want to consider re-naming the Project Experience section to Personal Projects, so it’s clear to an average reader that those aren’t work experience.
  • In your Work Experience section, you should be consistent with formatting and use a general format of [company name] followed by [city, state].
  • Recruiters and HR personnel always like to see work experience in terms of numbers, so if you can quantify anything that you did, you should try and do that. For example, if something that you did was X% faster than before, or saved X dollars, that’s usually a better way to put things.

Portfolio site on GitHub Pages

  • Great job overall on this one. The only thing I noticed was that you have some errors being reported by the W3C Validator, and Google PageSpeed Insights is reporting low scores on both Mobile and Desktop, so you should try and improve those.
  • You shouldn’t be saying that you’re a self-taught front-end developer when you have a CS degree, as the “self-taught” label is generally applied to those who don’t have a STEM-based college education. You can just say that “I am a front-end developer” in your case.
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Hi @RandellDawson and @astv99,
Thanks for your feedbacks. I have modified my resume again (for some reason, it appears as 2 pages when I upload in drive) as well as portfolio page based on your advice. Please feel free to let me know if I still need to correct something.
Thanks, AnT

I noticed some odd behavior on your website. If you scroll down, and get to the Work section, the nav button never lights up like the others. Instead, it lights up Contact. You need to fix that.

Also, I think the translucent nav bar looks fine until you scroll into the About section. Once you get there, you need to make it a solid color, so that the nav links are still readable. See below when I scroll down over your photo. You could either make the make ground of the nav solid or change the font when entering this section.

Going back to your resume, your objective statement (if you choose to use one), should be tailored for an actual position your are seeking. In one or two sentences you should convey the type of position you are searching for and what skills you bring to be successful at the position. Stay away from subjective adjectives describing yourself. You have three of these in your objective statement (i.e. Highly-motivated, detail-oriented, hard-working). These are not skills.

You said you were looking to fill a position as a junior Front-end Developer. I would just say Front-end Developer. Let the hiring manager determine your level based what they perceive. In some companies, a candidate with a degree might be considered mid-level worthy. If you put junior on there, they may think you don’t feel confident in your skills.

Also, under your Work experience, I see you added some metrics which is good. When you were an intern with Middleware Solutions, it would be great if you could say how many errors you detected and cleared out of X number lines of code.

Lastly, you probably should seek out a professional resume writer/reviewer who can go over your resume with a fine-tooth comb. There are several grammatical errors present in the resume like your use of “documentations” in the following bullet:

Modified documentations with MS Visio application to keep workers up-to- date with current Facets system infrastructure

It really should just be:

Modified documentation with MS Visio application to keep workers up-to- date with current Facets system infrastructure

Again, having a professional (which I am not) look over your resume would be money worth spending. If you have to pay someone $200-$300 to make your resume polished to get a $40K to $60K Junior Developer job, then I consider that a good investment. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

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The updated resume looks much better. Just pay attention to your formatting—the date for your IT HelpDesk Technician goes onto 2 lines, for example. Btw, you don’t need to have both GitHub URLs, just one of them—since your GitHub Pages (.io) site has a link to your main GitHub profile, just use that one.

I read your Personal Projects in a little more detail, and would simply recommend you to write the stuff on your resume with the assumption that it’s going to be read by a recruiter, HR manager, or other “average” person, and not another developer. You should avoid using language like ‘Initialized classes with “self” instance’ and ‘Created an array of objects in JavaScript’, even if that’s exactly what you did, because only developers will understand that, and in most cases, they won’t be the people reading your resume. Make your wording easy to understand for an average person—or as the saying goes, so your mom can understand it.

Also keep in mind that your resume and portfolio site should be free of all spelling & grammar mistakes. Use a spell checker—if your word processor doesn’t have one built-in, there are plenty of free ones available online. And you can use this site to spell-check your portfolio site, you’ll need to run it once for every unique page that you have:

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@AnT48 Checkout this free resume builder. First resume is free and just have to use on of the templates.

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I just saw an article recommended by Quincy (Free Code Camp founder) regarding resumes.

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Some important typos on your portfolio:
interective: interactive
enternal: eternal

Yeah. I would add more movies to the project. As a front end dev I’ll make the wild guess that you will be dealing with complex apis and need to be able to get the data you need from them so it’s a good idea to get practice with actual apis and not simple hard-coded ones u created. I’m sure there are movie apis out there you could use to make that app great.

I’m also not a big fan of a quote generator or a tribute page being on a resume (very simple). Unless it’s super spectacular. Where is your simon? Where is your twitch?

Also, I’m cs as well and so you have any cs projects you worked on in school? Maybe you could add them.

Your portfolio is a good start, but you have to remember competition is tough and you might need more than a hard-coded movie app with 6 or so movies and a random quote generator and a pixel app. Your objective is blowing the socks off of these recruiters and make them think “we have to get this person before someone else will”


Hi there! These posts were already a long while ago so hope you already got a Developer job. If not, I will give you some tips to build your experience as a Web Developer which will help you easier to get a job.

You have already mentioned everything in your resume, but there is still one thing missing and that is your cover letter.