Resume advice- The first iteration

Hello fellow Campers,

I’ve been working my way through the curriculum and I also started going to school for software development two months ago. I’m looking to start applying and get some experience as an intern. Hopefully I can score something relatively quick. To give myself the best chance I am going to make my resume the best it can possibly be before even applying. The first iteration is here-

If anybody could please give me some feedback it would be much appreciated.

Looks like you accidentally omitted the link to your resume.

Remember to take out or obfuscate any personal information if you post it here :slight_smile:

Overall I like it.

If you can spare the space (it looks like it can be tightened up a lot), try to put a line or two under each of your “experiences” explaining what you accomplished or how you helped the company. It might not be relevant to coding but it helps to explain your value at each position.

For example …

Electrical Technician @ Company
Led a team of 4 electricians for mission critical operations

The same can apply for each of your projects

Exercise Tracker
Applied an MVC architecture to create a single page web app

It remove the profile section completely. Add what you did at those jobs. List projects to filling software experience gaps.

Thanks everyone. I will go over it again and change a few things tonight.

I’d make sure to have plain format resume as well, because you don’t know what automated system will do to you formated resume. The design elements really matters very little unless you know for sure it’s getting to human eyes

Thanks very much for the input everyone. Here is the second iteration and also a clickable link.