Software Developer Resume review

Hello fellas. I’d really appreciate it if you’d review this resume for me before I use it.
Thank you.

HI @obeydean !

Most people would recommend just having one page for a resume when you are first starting out.

I would agree that your resume should just be one page :grinning:

I would cut down on your opening summary and tighten it up a little bit.

I would personally change your section title from Experience to Projects.
Experience should be reserved for work you were paid for.
These look like personal projects so I would label it as such.

For education, I would try to list the types of related programming courses you did.

Here are some resources to help with your resume.

Hope that helps!

Thanks alot @jwilkins.oboe. I’ll check them out right away.

Yes, read jwilkins.oboe’s good advice. Let me run over it…

Yes, definitely 1 page only.

The summary/object should just be a few sentences. This is for them to know what you are and what job you are looking for.

The experience section - Again, they should just be a few sentences each. And as Jessica says, unless this is paid work or very official non-profit work, that should be projects.

The education… Can you list a few courses relevant to coding?

The skills section… Creative thinking and problem solving - those are expected and they are something everyone would say. I would keep this just on technical skills.

For activities… They don’t care that you are a movie producer or video editor. If anything, I think it hurts you because it makes you seem unfocused. I would get rid of this section. If you make more room and maybe make three columns and break up some of those double lines (“Node & Express.js”) and add some things. This is a really important part of your resume - it is a quick and easy way for people to assess you.

References… I would not list references. You can provide them when asked.

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