Trying to find a dev job


I have been looking for a developer job, and I keep getting thrown to the side. Can someone check out my resume and let me know if I could something or tell me what I could do to land something.

Thank you.

I would put more specific skills.

For one thing under employment you have a typo for the first experience where the date is.

Beyond typos the structure of the resume is kind of odd.

I’d stack it vertically from the top and not horizontal.


A recruiter looks at the top 1/4 of your resume and decides whether or not to bin it so keep that in mind. Recruiters also use software to look for keyword matches so you have to make sure you hit the correct points.

How does this look now?

The structure is better.

Summary should be maybe 1 sentence.
Skills: stick to software development skills and ditch the relational ones

Again - the top 1/4 of your resume is really what the HR/recruiter takes a look at. They aren’t going to read that paragraph. They would maybe glance at the skills section but even then there is so much text it’s hard to see what skills are relevant.

Explain more on your experience and project sections. Especially your project sections.

Fixed the skills and also updated the paragraph down to a simple 2 short and sweet sentences. added more details to my projects. Except for the current one which is one I am currently working on