Please review my dev resume

Hello fellows. I’m a Jr self-taught developer without no experience. I just created my third resume due to the last two not getting me a job. I would really appreciate it if you’d kindly review this Resume.
Thanks in advance!


Hi @obeydean !

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Here are my thoughts

I would get a new email address. does not sound very professional.

I might remove the twitter link just because it doesn’t seem like you are that active on it and most of your posts deal with trying to find a job. I don’t think it adds anything to your resume.

You have a typo in your profile section.
Worked with tools such as Python an Eager to learn new skills on the go
It should be and eager to learn new skills.

But I don’t think you need that profile section because it is a little redundant. You have a skills section underneath that says the same thing. I would personally get rid of it.

For the courses, you have some typos that need fixing.
It should be Codecademy not CodeCademy.
It should be DataFlair not Data-flair.

I think you need to work on the descriptions for the projects because developers are not the only ones looking at your resume. Hiring managers are also looking at your resume and sentences like this
Converts PDF to Audio using Python libraries PyPDF2, Pikepdf, Pyttsx3, and gTTS.

don’t really connect with them. Instead, try and explain why you built the project and what problem it solves.

I personally don’t think your resume needs to be two pages. It would make sense if you had 10+ years of experience but just starting out it can just be 1 page.

I would restructure it to have name,email,address, phone, linkedin and github at the top.

Then you can have skills, projects and education. That will make it easy to scan. Remember people are only going to scan your resume for a few seconds. Make it easy for them to find the information they are looking for.
Hope that helps!


Hi there :wave:
I am Pulkit
I think your resume is looking great :+1:
Even though it’s looking good you should add your previous experences , if you have any and should have a professional email id because does not sounds that much professional
and that’s all
I think other things are great going


I’m going to second this motion. I immediately saw that and it was hard to take everything else seriously.


:pray:Thanks a lot @jwilkins.oboe! I truly appreciate your input.

:pray:Thank you so much for you input @PulkitSinghDev !

How about this one?

I think that looks a lot better :grinning:

I would suggest reading these articles to get a better understanding of how resumes are looked at by hiring managers.

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Oh these will come in very handy! Thanks :blush:!

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