Entry-Level Resume Review

Hello guys, I am currently seeking to apply for jobs with my self-taught tech stack while still in college and I would love your critiques on my resume. Thank you for your help/advice in advance.

hey man some things i would take out is the project url , you already have a link to your github on top.
another thing is to remove the objective, the recruiter knows you are looking for a job
dont put skills like quick learner communication and work ethic unless you can show it on your resume . you can add relavant courses to your education to beef up your resume

I Think If you can add to your skills somthing more but you must be fully aware about that… Best Of Luck For Future

Thank you for your review @anishlukkireddy I’ll take out the GitHub URL the reason I used the project URL was to direct them to the website for the project which I’m currently hosting online. I’ll add the relevant courses right away too

Thank you @ryanroy837 I’m thinking of adding more skills but I don’t want to add a skill I’m not extremely confident with.

You Don’t need to be expert in that just basic knowladge available on google will be enough I think

I would actually trim down your ‘Skills’ section, personally. Every developer is expected to do debugging, learn quickly, communicate effectively, and have a good work ethic. In my opinion, this section is best left as a list of technology/languages you are most comfortable with.

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@ryanroy837 Thank you for the tip. I will put that into consideration

@JeremyLT Thank you for pointing that out. I also made some adjustments a few days ago and I have uploaded the most recent draft I have for your reference.

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