Needs help with my Resume

Hi, I have no experience with working in tech and need all the help I can with my Resume. I have a proper profile picture so just ignore the avatar in the Resume.

I have no idea on what to write or if my Resume needs more details. I am also afraid that my Resume might be too technical.

Any idea on what can be improved on? Thank you so much!

Here is my resume. Any feedback is welcomed!

HI @Nateliew !

Welcome to the forum!

Here are my thoughts on your resume

I am not sure where you are based, but if you are in the US leave off the picture.

For the skills, you don’t need to have a separate section for “Technical languages”.
Move those languages to the appropriate frontend and backend categories and remove that “Technical languages”.

IMO, I think you should ditch the interests section altogether.
I don’t think it adds anything to your resume personally.
If they ask you about personal interests during the interview, then you could mention it there.
But leave it off the resume

As for your projects section I would leave off the Github - Frontend - Backend.
Within the description you can just say full stack application.

As for the descriptions themselves, I would suggest tightening them up and limiting it to 3 bullet points per project.
Remember that you only have 5-7 seconds of someone reading your portfolio so it needs to be impactful and easy to skim through.

For the project descriptions, you need to focus more on what makes this project unique.
What are some cool features included in this project that make it different than other resume builders or travel apps out there.
You need to include some more high level descriptions that will appeal to HR personal and recruiters.
I would also include links to the project.

Here are some links on resumes that could benefit you.

Good luck!

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So at a high level glance there are a few things I’d ask about your resume you might want to flush out, or at least prepare to clarify.

  • Do you have experience with another statically typed language for the back-end? TypeScript is close, but it is at the end of the day just JavaScript. Python is similar in that sense. An example would be Java, or C#.

    • The work you’ve promoted on your resume is impressive enough, so digging into high level “holes” for technical skills would be a good first check against your resume.
  • The work done for your projects sounds impressive, it shows a wide range of technologies and skills implemented. The part that doesn’t seem mentioned, which is what I’d ask about if I was reviewing this, is where these work or student projects? Where/who did the requirements come from?

    • The work itself shows technical skills and knowledge, but its the non-technical skills that aren’t mentioned. Namely planning/organizing and general “developer” stuff that isn’t technology based could be mentioned, or at least touched upon.

A little more “in-depth” questions that come up would be tied primarily with the resume builder application.

  • How did you create a “simple machine learning function”? How did you gather the data, or train your model?
  • How did you improve response time by 90%? (this might not mean what I think it means?)
  • What sort of technologies did you use for CI/CD?

You might not need or want to address these on the resume itself, and I like the raw metrics provided (90%!), but I’d be prepared to respond to questions for these if you get to next steps.

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Thank you so much! Will look at the links and take your opinions into account! The “GitHub frontend - backend” stated are actually hyperlinks but they are not showing up in the attachment.

Thank you so much! I never thought of the non-technical aspect for my projects. I do not have much experience with a static language such as Java, C#. I did self-learn some but I don’t think I know enough for an interview.

I did the projects through the part time classes that I have been taking .

Thank you so much for your in-depth suggestion! I appreciate it!

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