Could I get some reviews on my resume please

I’ve been working for the past few months on becoming a front end developer. Programming has always been the most fun thing I did ever since I was about 16-17, but I’ve never really focused on getting good at it or using it for anything useful. I finally decided to do the opposite of what I have been doing for the past 10 years and focus on getting better at the thing I enjoy doing most in the world and start my career as a software developer.

I’ve been a tour guide for the past 10 years. So like most people here I have no experience working in this field. I’ve worked on creating some fun projects that challenged me and grew my understanding of web development, here are a few of them:

medical template clone
simple template clone
my tribute page
my documentation project
I’m currently woking on my portfolio

All of these projects were built with pure css except for my portfolio because I’d only just started to learn JavaScript. Yes in retrospect I may have spent too much time working on css only projects but I really wanted to get a firm foundation in it. I believe that I have a long ways to go but I have long passed the point where I really need to start applying so I’ve decided to go for it.

What I’m hoping I could get some help with are two things:

  1. I’m hoping to get some opinions on my projects. Specifically if, going by these projects alone, I am ready to start work professionally as a developer.

  2. I would like some reviews on my resume. Since I don’t have any related work experience, I read a bunch of articles about what companies are looking for when hiring junior developers. What I found was that many of them were looking for these soft skills like:

    • adaptability in new situations
    • communcation skills
    • passion to learn and grow
    • ability to work as a team
    • ability to teach yourself

so I tried to focus on showing how I demostrated these qualities at my previous job.

Im looking forward to hearing what you all think. Thank you

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Sorry, I had to make a few edits.

I would reorganize it a little bit.

First, I would consolidate all your language to just one bullet. Any language you’re not comfortable working full time in, get rid of them.

I would expand more on your projects. Look up resume writing in the FCC Medium site for refernce on how to be more descriptive of projects. I would remove individual github links, and instead just place link to your github profile on top. If people are interested, they know how to find it. Save the real estate for experience and projects.

Relevant course work you can take it or leave it. In my experience, it’s impact is minimum.


Thank you so much for the input @psychometry. I looked up resume writing on FCC Medium like you recommended and found a lot of posts on the topic. I went over quite a few of them and updated my resume as accordingly. I also added my projects to my resume like you said. I never went to college so I don’t have anything to show for relevant course work. It took me a few hours to go over the posts and implement the changes and go over them again, but I’m already happy with the results so far. Here is the update: resume

On Resume, you list employment dates October 2014 - July 2019 and November 2019 - present, I’m guessing those should be 2018 instead of 2019. Are you able to link to the Belize Caves and Limpkin Tours site on your resume? I see it’s on your portfolio, but since you provide links to other projects in the resume, it would be good to also link this one.

Then again, your portfolio site looks really nice. It begs the question of how much you want to replicate between your resume and portfolio. For my resume, I didn’t include links to or descriptions of projects. I just made sure my resume had a prominent link to my portfolio, and then on the rest of the resume I listed skills and periods of employment, but no links.

If you would like to compare, my stuff is at

Another point on the resume, the vertical whitespace between the various headers and the bullet point lists isn’t consistent throughout the document.

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