Could I get a resume review?

I’m currently a student at university and I’m trying to get an internship for summer 2019. I’ve been doing freecodecamp/udemy and youtube to learn web development and wondering if I’m ready. Here’s the link to my resume
I used the template from career cup

Are my projects any decent for full stack/front end positions for internships?
Here are the links to the projects I listed in my resume,

The screenshot is a bit small to read from; a document would be easier.

First, I’m assuming you borrowed from the template here, in which case, it’s helpful to read the entire page for resume tips:

I’m going to digress from some of the points in that resume template provided by Ms. McDowell:

  • You should include your location, not sure why you took that out. Just the city & state though, you don’t need to include your full address.
  • GitHub and LinkedIn URLs are essential—your GitHub should include more info (location and possibly your self-photo), and your LinkedIn should absolutely include your self-photo.
  • If you’re going to list “SCSS” as a skill, you might as well also include “Sass” on there, which is how it’s usually referred to.
  • Don’t list things like IDEs, editors, or “Chrome Tools”. Those are very basic, and it’ll be assumed that you know how to use an IDE/editor, along with browser dev tools.
  • Date of graduation from SFSU is listed twice. You only need one of them. Also, don’t bother mentioning your GPA in anything, that will work against you unless it’s 4.0. If a company really wants to know, they can get a transcript from your university.
  • For work experience, keep in mind that most of the time, a recruiter or hiring manager is going to be reading your resume, and not a developer. Use words that average people can understand. And use numbers as much as you can—numbers are easier to read, and can help to make you stand out. For example, you wrote “Helped students”. This is vague, and using the word “help” is never a good idea. You can make that look more impressive by writing something more like “Tutored 100 students each semester with Java and C++, helping them to raise their grades from an average C to an A”.
  • Reword the “Projects” section to “Personal Projects” so it’s even more clear what that section means.
  • Resumes are rarely read carefully, and are usually skimmed. Cut down your number of list items to 2-3, use fewer words, and use wording that average people can understand. Minimize your use of buzzwords and technologies. Think in terms of how a project might fulfill a business need and save a business money. Only developers will care about your technology, and they won’t be the people reading your resume most of the time.
  • In general, your resume should focus on what you’ve achieved or accomplished, and not as much on what you did or your responsibilities. No one cares about those, and if you want to impress people, it’s going to be through your accomplishments.

On your projects on Heroku, I’d suggest not minifying your code. It’ll make it easier to read for anyone who has an interest in looking at it (like developers).

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thanks a lot, I’m getting started on fixing all that