Check my CV and help me make it better


I am Entry to the Junior level.

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your CV should say “I have done these things of great value, hire me and benefit from the great value I bring”

you are missing what you did in those job experiences, what have you done related to programming there? you need more enfasis on the skills you used, “I do things others tell me to do” is too generic to be of any impact

put some projects you have made, better if they are related in some way to the company you are applying to

look at other threads about CVs, see what common suggestions are given


Hi @Porphyrogennitos !

Here are my thoughts.

Overall, your resume is really vague.
You are going to have to provide some details.

Also, at the top you mention full stack but you don’t mention any backend in your skills.

Excerpt from resume:
Junior developer with more than 1 year of experience in web development.

This line is a little redundant and unnecessary. People can just look at the experience section.

Excerpt from your experience section:
At the beginning I did secretarial job and after some time, I started helping with development of websites.

I would take out the part about the secretarial job. It doesn’t add anything to the resume. Also what does help out with development of websites mean?

Did you fix some bugs?
Did you add some features?

You need to be way more specific there.

Another excerpt from experience section:
I do small jobs that other developers assign to me…

What does that mean?

The more specific you can be there better.

Excerpt from your education section:
2016-2018 IEK AKMI: Programmer

2018-2020 Metropolitan College: Software Developer

Did you just take some courses?
Or did you get a degree?

It is not 100% clear here.

As for the links at the top of the page, the middle link says there is nothing there.

For your github, you don’t have a lot there.

That could be a huge red flag because you list these dates as far back as 2016 but your activity is very minimal.

Overall, you need to be way more descriptive and show them some projects.

Here are some articles on resumes and how to get hired.

Hope that helps!

Good luck!

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By my experience,the structure of cv highly depends on vacancy and pocition you would like to occupy,i have been studing for digital design and animation and our teachers said that visual effects are highly aprecciated in resumes ,personaly i used photoshop and canvas on internet +cv templates ,these are commonly used in our institute,maybe that will do to your request