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Hi guys,

I’m a Computer Science grad applying for entry level dev jobs and I recently update and formatted my resume (made my own template) based on the tips I found online. In the files uploaded one is a 2-page resume and the other is one page. Although the content is the same, I feel like the one in the 2 pages in really elegant (the one-page resume has an awkward white space left in between). But almost every post on the internet says that a resume should be no longer than one page. Please suggest me how I could format my resume better.

And coming to the most important thing, I’m a candidate with no experience. But to make things look better I’ve added quantitative metrics to the work I did. Can you please suggest any further modifications to the content which would make it better?

Thank you.

Great job!
I’d recommend a few things:

  • Do you speak other languages? That is, include any other ways you have to communicate with possible clients/bosses.
  • Include a photo, as for some reason lots of people like to see “who” you are. Makes you seem like a real person, and they’re more likely to hire you.
  • Include contact info for the people you’ve worked for, so they can check your references easily. (even just an e-mail address) If they have to work hard, they’ll just go on to another resume.
  • Try to include a paragraph about your personal details. Again, you want to make them see you as a person, since it makes them more likely to like you (and thus to hire you!).
    Good luck!

I prefer the 1-page version :slight_smile:

In the white hole, you might include a SUMMARY & GOALS section where you tell something about your future ambitions.

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I agree. One page is enough, and the resume should communicate not just past achievements but also of your career aspirations.

I agree that the one page is better…

Also, what you see as awkward white space, I see as breathing space keeping your resume from looking like a wall of words. So I wouldn’t necessarily try to find a way to fill that space up,…the opposite really, try to find a way to organize your info so that it includes more breathing space for your info to stand out and not look so overwhelming.

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