Resume feedback, thanks for any suggestions

Context, I would prefer to work at a small company or startup to start (in 2-3 years I will likely move to a bigger company).

Basic info has been anonymized; thanks for any feedback!

Hey @SeanDez1!

I think your resume should just be one page. Especially since the second page has very little content and its not super related to the jobs that your are interested in. I would just leave the freelance writer part out.

Also in the first project, did you mean to say update user data instead of user dat?


I agree with jwilkins. Furthermore, I think “Improved customer experience by writing and maintaining help documentation” is a very solid statement - probably the best part of your whole resume. What I would like to see is some data in your resume to support your statements. This will give your statements context or strength. Consider the following: “Improved customer experience by creating a 100% complete help guide.” (or whatever percentage you did)…
Also consider instead of “Debugged help desk software with minimal input from team leaders” to change to something like “Successfully debugged xxx help desk software issues with minimal input from team leads” (insert a number for xxx) to give your experience a solid reference.

I actually like the freelance writer portion, but it needs some depth as well with data to back it up. Give it a percentage of on time delivery of how many work products… How important were the work products maybe? How many business clients did you collaborate with, can you put a dollar amount on the clients work, or how many business clients, or an amount or type of content… or a cash value on the marketing materials etc?

Hope this helps, good luck!


Yeah keep it one page, rest is fine.