Need feedback on resume

Hey team! I’m trying to find some feedback on my resume (I decided to go a creative direction with it) but also anything I may change or add. Bearing in mind most of my experience is from sites like fCC and I’m still learning daily, but don’t have a fancy degree or past work experience to list.

Any and all feedback is much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your time!

Interesting approach. I must admit if you ever need to print this out, your going to be burning thru a good portion of blue ink haha.

I’d make your name smaller, and move your contact info next to it, rather than having it on the bottom. Usually this is “skim-over” territory, but contact info is usually found at the top of the resume. I personally was somewhat disoriented by having it on the bottom. (But that’s just me)

Maybe make your font smaller so you can fit more information/format your code better :stuck_out_tongue:

Rename the school section to education, and in the experience sections it’s not clear what duration means, is that months, years, quarters?

Do you have a github/portforlio/website so employers can look you up on beyond linkedin? And or do you have a list of major projects that you can add as a new section that you worked on that are of note?

Finally, interested approach no doubt. Defiantly an eye catcher, and good idea if your going to web designer/thinking out of the box sorta jobs.

Goodluck :smiley:

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Awesome! Thanks for the tips!

I don’t have many projects yet but will be sure to update it as I start working on them. I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I think there might be some advantage if a right person happen to come across your resume by chance. However the contents outweighs the initial creativity and the content needs some work.

Keep in mind, however, that hiring manager/recruiters/headhunter are not techies by default. There is a chance that most of them are not. They are often the first pair of humans eyes that sees your resume and they might not appreciate reading something in JavaScript object format. That is if the resume made it to a human eye at all, a lot of companies use AI and keyword filters in their job application system before the resume even makes it to a human evaluator.

You want to highlight your experience and skills, especially on experience, you want to highlight contribution and accomplishments. What was your responsibility as a QA? What did you accomplished as a Web Designer? Be as concrete as you can otherwise there might not be much value in listing it. If you are lacking in experience, then shown your competency in personal project descriptions.

I’d suggest looking up a job posting that interests you on Indeed or Glassdoor and pour over the job description to reverse engineer a resume that could get you hired. What keywords are listed? what is the stack? What responsibility have they listed? What soft-skills/characteristic are mentioned? Think about what practical experience you have or need that applies to description.

For example, the description ask for experience with UX design, maybe you created a WordPress plugin or pitch and implemented certain design principle in a mock up. Job description mentioned documentation, list that you contribute to documentation for a well known open source project on github, or maybe you own and help created test documentation for features at your job as a QA.

This is more of an exercise to get you to think concretely about experiences and accomplishments that are relevant to the job. Put yourself in a hiring manager’s shoe, would you put more value in seeing the world JavaScript listed in the “skills”, or a short description that you used JavaScript to implement a MEAN stack web app where people can create their own SoundCloud playlist? There is no need to get overly technical either, just specific enough to sound like you know what you’re doing. A portfolio certainly will help demonstrate your skills as well.

Good luck.


I agree heavily with this. I really would suggest tailoring your resume to each job description, and making sure your resume is readable by non-techies. Most companies use ATS (Applicant Tracking System) systems to filter through resumes. There are some amazing tools I used during my job search that really helped me bring up my interview rate!

Job Scan: This is an amazing tool to scan your resume against a job description, and rate it based on frequency of keywords. It even gives you a live edit feature, so you can see what keywords they use and change them on your resume on the fly as well as giving you a live score as you change things.

Job Track: During my application process I was sending out MANY resumes to different companies that I just couldn’t keep track of them all. This tool lets you keep track of what companies you applied for, as well as what stage you’re at in the hiring process. It also gives you statistics on your interview rates.

The job search took a while for me, but I finally landed a Front End Developer job using these.

Good luck, and don’t give up.