Can I get a job where i am at now?

Hi there! just a quick question! So i’m from Vancouver, Canada and i’ve got certification through FCC so far in HTML and CSS, and currently at 50% completion of Javascript. I am wondering if, in my current status right now, I am able to apply for jobs in the meantime while I continue studying through FCC? and if so, what types of entry level jobs can I apply for?
A little background. I worked almost all my life since high school, hands-on. One of the important roles I had was working 4 years for a Municipal Government. Anything helps! Regardless of whether I can get a job or not, I am still going to push through and progress through my studies but I’m just wondering if I can apply some of what I learned through working?
Thanks so much for your guys’ time!

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Hello @Sherif123
I think you could get some related job.
But I would recommend you to better finish well JavaScript, if you are strictly considering a Front End Job or Internship. Knowing JS you will have more opportunities, and will make better works with React and D3 for example.
However you can begin searching opportunities, since finding jobs take time.
In other words, you can finish JS, while you begin your Job Market “Scanning”.
Hope this helps.

The best way to get a job is working in personal projects appliying everything that you have learned here, and create your portafolio with your own projects, createa linkedin profile and left a job title that recruiter with a search for cadidates you may appear in that search, something as Junior Front end developer , and then include what are able to do. I am on same situation but I have a little more background, something that really scares if there is a lot technologies that I don´t have experience or something that I need to learn, JavaScript is fundamental in front end, also you should handle front end libraries, you could start with front end and when you got enough confidence an experience you can start with back end development.

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