Can I get a front end job now?

Hi guys!

I just finished the basic Calculator project , so I have 3 more projects until I get the front end certificate. I anticipate it will take quite some time, but I can’t wait to get a programming job! Do you think it’s possible for me to get one now even though I haven’t finished everything? Thank you!

Before you start putting in for jobs, you need to polish your existing projects. I reviewed all of them and some are not mobile friendly. Others have small design layout issues on desktop and mobile. The weather project does not work at all. The calculator allows multiple decimal points and consecutive operators along with the display overflowing when too many numbers/operators are entered.

Also, do you think you could rebuild all of the projects you have already finished from complete scratch in less than a week without any help from others? If not, then I would say you need to practice doing so and also look into developing your own side projects (outside of the FCC projects) to show case on your portfolio. Also, your portfolio page should be one of the best looking of all of them, because it should be your coding resume for employers to see what you have done and what skills you have.

Also, I highly recommend getting your own domain to host your portfolio and all the projects instead of using Codepen.


Randell is not wrong, but just as a counter point, a friend of mine from our local meetup group scored a front end dev job before completing his certificate. He was dreadfully underqualified for the position according to the job ad he answered (didn’t know most of the tech they listed as requirements), but he interviewed well and convinced them of his desire to learn.

They gave him the job and started him off building HTML emails (he works for an agency), and after a short while they started training him up in React to get him involved in meatier projects.

So…there’s no harm in applying if there are jobs in your area - you might get them!

You’ll be able to land better jobs if you put more work in ahead of time, and of course different locations will have differing opportunities.

Still, you get 0% of the jobs you don’t apply for, and maybe 0.00001% of those you do when underqualified :wink:


It’s possible that you can find a job that you are well-suited for, but frankly even the completed Front End Certificate is not intended to be a “job-ready” point in the curriculum.

Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it a lot!

Hi randell dwason i have also created web app i have sample of it. Any idea how can i get a job for a web dev…

Question for Randell: What is the best way to make project code viewable for employers on a portfolio page? I figured CodePen would be a good solution for this, since the page is split into those different panels for you (HTML body, CSS, and JavaScript). On my portfolio page I have separate links for ‘full’ and ‘pen’ configurations of each project. Is this a good or bad idea? Do employers look down on using CodePen?

IMHO the best way is to host your code is in GitHub which is one of the most used webpages for code repositories and almost every software company use it to save their code and review it.

From there you can also activate a live version of your app although some will not work perfectly so it would be better if you can host them in other server.

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EDIT: Sorry @AlonsoGD, I didn’t see your post until I already wrote this :upside_down_face:

Obviously, I’m not Randell… but there is really only one best way that everyone recommends for sharing your code:

There are several reasons for this:

  1. GitHub is an essential collaborative tool that EVERY developer MUST know. Having your code here shows that you know how to use it.
  2. Having your code deployed off of codepen shows that you are capable of deploying production level websites like you could for a client
  3. Codepen has several issues and design implementations that restrict you. For example, using images, having multiple files, and other such things. Codepen is a place for quickly building code, and unless you pay money for their packages, you are restricted in certain ways. GitHub is free and lets you do whatever you want.

There are other reasons, but 99% of developers would tell you to have your code on GitHub. Also, if you need help hosting your website once you put code on GitHub, you can ask here or search the forums for GitHub Pages or, there are many discussions ongoing about this.


How do you define “dreadfully underqualified”?