When is the right time?

After going through FCC Responsive Web development lesson and currently on the Introduction to Javascript lesson with some tutorials on youtube and other platforms. Is it advisable to apply for Jobs with the little knowledge?

No. That’s just the basics. But it all depends on your goals and interests. There might be some resources where you can showcase this skills. But see today’s updates in technologies. There are more than thousands of people that are professional in these skills and also they know much more new things. So the companies would select them only. If you want to get success, you need to stand out of the crowd and prove that you are worthy of it. :
P.s :- I would recommend you to at least get the Front end libraries certification as it will really really level up your much of these skills as FCC is famous for its challenges and real world projects.
Good Luck!


Thanks for the advice. I will work more on me now. thank you

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Your aim should only be to focus on learning from projects, see other developers’ code and learn how they organize their code. Don’t have the aim to just complete the cirriculum quickly. You will end just having certificates but with poor skills and that’s not what anyone need.