Prospects of job in India after getting the Front End Certification

Hi,I will be completing all the Front End Projects soon and then I have to prepare for job hunting.Since I have completed these projects I have some knowledge of Javascript, Jquery and Bootstrap.I have 1 month time for preparations.If anyone can suggest me what companies to apply for ,what more to study and what exactly to do in the 1 month time,it would be benificial.Guys,do help!Need a job.


I am looking forward to some answers too. I will soon be in the same boat as you are.

Yeah as a fresher its difficult to know where to start from.FCC is a great platform to start.I just want to know what to do next…Hope to get some motivation…:slight_smile:

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I am not sure about company in India which can possibly give an entry level jobs with just the FCC Front-end Certificate, Instead I’d recommend putting forth your own projects, a couple of projects which you took on your own interest could emphasize your willingness to work. just a suggestion

@udayk8139 Yeah I know just a front end certificate won’t be enough.I am willing to work more,I have one month time in hand.And I want to utilize this time to the fullest.So needed some suggestions on companies I can start applying and materials to study.

I may not know any companies around me, but I can suggest some awesome stuff from where you can learn alot. - Just search out some designs on this website and try to make a replica of those in your own code in codepen or any other way. This is a great practice, just do one design a day and you’ll be a front-end awesome guy soon! - This contains a ton of front-end code and snippets and nuggets to learn from, it has a ton of resources and tutorials as well!

Codepen - Just explore what other people are making and try to read and study how they make their projects, great place for creative ideas and just to pass time surfing through the pens and learning new ways

css-tricks - This blog is like the best place to learn anything css, no words ;3


@udayk8139 thanx a lot…:slight_smile:

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