Just got front end certificate :D

Hi guys, I’ve been doing FCC for two years now while in uni and finally got my front end certificate :smiley: Super excited to get started on Data Visualization and Back End!

Just wanted to quickly share that I’ve gotten stuck on projects, pulled all-nighters, and gone months without coding, but always came back to it. Stay motivated, stay curious, and it’ll all work out.

Also shameless plug, but I’m heading into my final year and am interested in working in web development. If anyone reading this works in the field, please PM me or just comment how you found your first job and general tips because I’m curious about what works. :slight_smile:


Congratulations on your achievement - I’m getting close but I still have a long way to go before I get the frontend certificate - keep up the good work - happy for you :slight_smile:

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Congratulations!!!, Good luck for the rest of your journey!

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YaY! Congratulations! :tada:

I love your tenacity to get back to it after taking breaks and earning your cert!!

Hope the best for you with getting a job after graduation…are internships a possibility where you are?

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Congratulations! I’m just about halfway through the “Basic Scripting” section and have been just grinding away at it every day. I still have to remind myself to take breaks and ask for and look for help when I need it.

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Internships are definitely a possibility where I live. I’m midway through one right now… just not in computer science haha. I’m doing a dual degree in Commerce and Computer Science, and right now I’m working in finance, which I’m also interested in :slight_smile:

Hopefully, I can end up in FinTech or something where I get to explore both my interests. In the meantime though, any compsci related job would be great; would love to do some on-the-job coding for products that will actually be deployed XD


Congratulations on your achievement


Oh wow that is awesome! I am sure that finance and tech are a really good combo… hopefully you’ll be able to get some dev exp or maybe a chance at a dev internship to help round things out. :smiley:


Well done and good luck with your job hunt!


Congratulations and keep it up :slight_smile: !


Hi katieyang! Gratz for the achievement! I recommend you to do the back-end cert first and then, before the backend final projects embrace the Data Viz. In the back-end cert you’ll learn how to use npm and to install a node/npm boilerplate which will be useful for React native. Be Strong & Code On! If you want you can join the FreeCodeCamp Faro Facebook group! We’re a welcoming community with a nice sense of humor!


Hi @evedes, thanks for the advice. I am indeed working on the back-end cert first (thought I’d wait for Sass and React challenges to come out before diving into Data Vis). I’m a Canadian, but would love to join the FB group anyways :slight_smile:

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Congratulations on getting your certificate! I’m still working on it… I think xD

About my first job as a javascript developer - I tried every possible job offer I could get, done lots and lots of test tasks and still took around 5 months to get my first offer. Took it, obviously, the company is great and the team is awesome and I feel I’m learning something new (in javascript) every day. There are things I don’t like (in code) but I plan to change them myself if I can. Lots of experience.

As for tips, there’s one. Don’t give up. If you like coding, if you like front-end or back-end or any sort of web development, don’t give up hope and keep looking for a job. Try some freelance work if you can - it can help you build a portfolio. Having a portfolio (especially a decently sized, well made portfolio) helps tremendously.

Other than that - be ready to be denied without a reason, it happens. You may get your first offer after your first interview, that also happens. I’d recommend not being too picky since it’s your first job. If it is terrible, think twice, it may not be worth it, but usually 1st experience is the most important to add that “year(s) of commercial experience” to CV. At least in my country, it is the first thing any HR will look for. If you don’t have enough years of work, they won’t even consider you. Could be different elsewhere, but last time I checked this was a problem in the entire IT sphere…

Best of luck finding your first job! And again, well done with your certificate!


Congrats Katie!

I’m still working towards my front end cert, but I’ve been attending code meetups and events since last December. I’ve developed good, personal relationships with people currently working in web dev. I’ve been able to learn from them, and multiple people said they’ll refer me to their network or pass along my resume when I’m ready.

So I’d say definitely put yourself out there and continue to connect with others like you’ve done here.

Good luck!


Terrific! Keep it up! I have been doing FCC since April or May of last year - am working towards the back-end cert currently. There is tons to learn. Have fun!

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Congratulations! You really worked hard!

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