Got my front-end and alogirthms&data structures certificate

Got my front-end and alogirthms&data structures certificate
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Got my front-end certificate and algorithms and data structures thanks to all those who where of help
I started fcc as a total noob i mean clueless about tech and programming i absolutely loved coding from a distance but thought it was too cryptic. September 2016 i decided to start on fcc, lost motivation, studied from other places, jumped around the old program, got attracted to other things in coding and programming and data visualisation but not ending up with any solid thing to show felt wierd for liking JavaScript when people i knew in tech looked at it like nothing -jumping around helped me learn other languages but still i wanted to get back to javascript and full stack, lost motivation, then made up my mind to finish the whole fcc curriculum, lost motivation, got back and worked on many sections of the beta challenge, set goals, set a plan for where i want to go, got motivated like never before here i am enjoying this amazing learning resource like never. I am now working on completing my Data Visualization Projects whilst studying the back end part to also start on those projects. I want to finish of with the front-end projects using React as i want to take a little time polishing my React skills as i fell in love with React. a special thanks to Quincy who told me “don’t stop” he may not remember when he replied back to me but i was happy to hear back from him it boosted me after i was worried new curriculum would never come.My goal is to finish all certifications before end of August.


congratulations and all the best :grinning::grinning::grinning:


thanks i am feeling very happy to see myself progressing


Congratulations and thanks for sharing encouragement with other campers.