Got my front-end certificate, but not sure if ready yet

I wasn’t sure what category to put this into so yeah, general seems to be fitting. It’s a combination of project feedback and getting a job.

First of all, hey! My name is Kamil and I’ve just finished front-end part on the FreeCodeCamp yesterday. To summarize, I have to say it was great experience. I feel I’ve learned a lot. It wasn’t easy at all, I hit some walls but made it through eventually and completing these challenges was very satysfying and fun. I’m so glad that I found FCC :slight_smile:

But when it comes to getting a job, I’m a bit unsure about how it’s gonna turn out. I live in Poland and I don’t know if employers here will recognize FreeCodeCamp or that the certificate will mean anything to them. Also, I don’t have a degree, so it’s just the certificate and a technician title (in digital graphics processes). And the most fun part which is I’m only 21 and it would be my first job ever, aside from some short apprenticeships in the past. I’m not sure how people are gonna see me: serious person or just some kid fooling around. SO my question is, do I ever stand a chance or would it be better to get some more “basic” job for a while and keep learning?
To make it worse, I’m generally a very shy person. Open and social, but shy. I’m very much scared of starting out, job interviews etc. I don’t want to find myself overwhelmed, that’s probably why I’m overthinking it (or am I?)

I quickly realized that my portfolio will probably be the most important part of finding a job in web design so I put a lot of effort into it and my projects. I have another question (especially for you recruiter gentlemen out there;) let’s assume I applied to your company and you are seeing my page now. Would you invite me for an interview looking at my projects?
Here’s the link:
It’s dual-language as I live in Poland like I mentioned before. You can switch to english in top left corner.

Thanks in advance and I’d really appreciate any advice and feedback I get.
Cheers :slight_smile:

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I got this from a video I watched on training…

Profiles which have pictures of smiling people are more likely to get contacted.

Even your facebook account doesn’t have your picture. You include a link to GitHub but there is nothing there.
With interviewing it is a skill. Go to interviews and on average you will be offered 1 out of 10 jobs. So you should start practising as soon as possible. Get out there and go for it!

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My advice is to make your porfolio look less Bootstrap-ish. The site looks decent but I would make the text and thumbnails smaller. Everything looks really big. I would try to make the content a litt more subtle.

You should also add a real contact form instead of just writing your email address. I’d also recommend working on the footer and making it look better.

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Thank you for your answers. Adding a nice photo of myself sounds like a good idea. I’ll get that sorted out soon. Also, I reduced the size of some elements and I really like how it turned out. And when it comes to the contact section as well as the footer I kinda “merged” them together and replaced the buttons with a contact form. The social media links are contained in the footer now as icons. That made it all look way better and more reasonable. Thank you kindly for pointing those things out. I haven’t uploaded the new version yet though as I still need to polish some things.
1 out of 10 job offers seems more difficult than I initially imagined. Well, guess I just have to be persistent and don’t give up. The beginnings can’t be too easy of course. Like you said, I’ll just go for it and hope for the best.
Thanks again for sparing some time. I appreciate your advices :slight_smile:

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I hope you’re right :smiley: