Some questions about your path to getting your first job!

Hi freeCodeCamp community,

I am curious about what steps you have taken to get your desired job!

I want to know:

What materials have you supplemented fCC with? (if you have not used anything else that is okay)

How did you decide you were ready to apply? What made you feel comfortable (This varies highly from individual to individual so I want to hear your experience).

Have you applied to positions you did not feel qualified for? Did you end up getting one of these positions?

What steps have you taken to prepare for your interviews? Do you have a portfolio you bring or show?

What has caught you off guard the most in an interview, something you didn’t expect?

What are some things you would share about the whole process that you might not have known before starting?

How long did this process take you individually?

Have you made any funny mistakes during an interview you would be willing to share?

If you have answered these in another post feel free to link it here or if you only want to answer some questions that apply to you feel free. I would like to hear your stories :slight_smile:

All of these questions have been asked before previously on the forum. Please try to use the forum search to see what responses have already been given in the past on these topics.

Thank you.

There you have some stuff to read :slight_smile: