Getting a dev job

I’m 25 years old and have been working since I was 17 as tech support, my goal here at freecodecamp is to change career and become a dev.

I just want to hear from you guys on the forum about what kind of jobs you’ve gotten after learning to code from this forum. This is just for my own motivation to climd the latter.

you can check the #career subforum for people sharing their success stories

Hi @kribyball !

The job I have now is a part time junior dev role working at a small company.
I mainly work frontend but have started to work on some backend projects with them as well.

I got that job because the owner of the company found me on the forum.

Now, I am working on strengthening my backend skills so I can go out for full time full stack roles.

I also landed a part time staff author job at freeCodeCamp.
That was also because of my activity with the community.

My main advice is to be active in the tech community.
There are plenty of discords, meetups, forums, etc that you can join and start connecting with people.
That will lead you to more job opportunities than a traditional route of only filling out applications.

Hope that helps and good luck on your journey!


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