Hi Everyone, new in Free Code Camp

Hi I am Alvaro 30 years old from Argentina, by the moment I have all the time I want to learn to code in free code camp. I would like to know if someone can share his experience learning here and if is possible to get a job.

I’m freshman too! Started to pass Java Script course, I live in Moscow, RU.
Good luck to you, man!


hi, good luck! hope we can get a job as programmer soon!

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Welcome to the both of you! If you are just starting out learning how to code then it can take some time to be job ready. I would consider over a year to be potentially ready for a job. There are a lot of things to learn, and then even after learning you need to build a portfolio to show potential employers what you are capable of. For now, just take it nice and slow, and be sure to ask a question on here when you run into an issue. Its great to take the time to try and find out the issue yourself, but you dont want to take too much time instead of asking for help.

Also, keep in mind that coding is hard and it can be incredibly frustrating, but never let that stop you. Always try to work on this even if its just for an hour a day, if you take too long of a break then it can be hard to get back into the swing of things here.

Also feel free to look through the career advice section of the forum as there have been plenty of people before you to ask the same question. I am sure you will find plenty of advice and encouragement there.

You can also check out You Can Do This section if you need some motivation. You will be surprised to see how many people are asking the same questions as you


Thanks, Cody! Will try to keep on going smooth and easy! :smiley:


I have some experience coding, did a semester in second year at university in the programmer 3 years career here in my city also finished the first two courses and struggling to finish the third course in the clock app (last part), but now I am doing again everything because I want to remember everything I spended 2 years without coding. So I have some experience coding I hope I can get a job by the end of this year

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or middle of next year

I think middle of next year would be more realistic, but spending two years away is a lot of time to be away from coding as new things have been introduced, and somethings have been outdated. So, it still may be a stretch but the biggest thing is just getting started back. You can worry more about getting the job as you get caught up with everything

ok thank you for the advice

Thanks, man! It’s great that people here support and inspire new learners!
As I already feel - freeCodeCamp is the best project ever I’ve found in the Internet!


@alvarolopezalesanco Well, I have spent some time here, and whatever time I spent here, I learned too many new things, especially about coding. You can learn from and share all your experiences here.


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