Small Opportunity for a FCC Front End Cert developer

Hi All,

I’ve gone through some of the FCC material to brush up on some skills and found it pretty comprehensive. It’s more work than I thought. As a way to give back to the community, I have a website that could use some front end help. Pretty basic CSS work and maybe some redesigns of the front end page.

The project is done in PHP (Codeigniter) and uses Foundation framework for front end.

This is more of a short term (< 1 month) part time contract position to get one’s feet wet and to build some experience. I hire via for my projects. This is my project on Upwork and if you apply please include your FCC profile link and your front end certification.

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I’m not quite ready to apply for things like that but it’s a great initiative!

Thanks! Good luck. Reach out when you finish.

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Hi, I recently my freecodecamp as a challenge to get the certificate in 100 days. However, I think I have the skills necessary to help you out on your problem. All my projects you can see on my portfolio

Let me know if you want to know anything more

Hi, I forgot to include the link the link to my Upwork project. It is now updated with a link to the Upwork project. If you are still interested feel free to apply. Your personal website looks good.

Unfortunately I’m still not ready for anything on this level, but I just wanted to say I think it’s awesome you’re offering this opportunity to people on FCC, really gives a chance to get real experience in front end.

Don’t have an account with upwork but I am interested in working with you my fcc certification and some of my work can be found in my portfolio at feel free to email me if you’re interested!