Struggling to find a developer job

I graduated with a bachelors degree in computer science in December and was currently working for a non-tech company these last couple of months since I was not sure where I wanted to move to and also wanted to save a little bit of money while staying with family. However, I just moved to the Raleigh,NC(Triangle area) two weeks ago, my SO got a job here and it seemed like a good place as it’s not too far from my hometown. I started applying everywhere(45+ applications sent) for developer jobs but I am not getting any responses, I also may be struggling to due to not having any internships as an undergrad. I went to the career center at my university to have them look over my resume and tips on what to improve. I have been learning CSS, HTML, and JavaScript these past three months but I also know python SQL and a basic java. any tips on how to improve my job search? I have really basic projects on my github which is included in my resume. should I look for a QA position? I’ve heard that it is not a good idea since it is hard to switch from QA to a developer role in the future

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I’m currently working as a QA and studying to be a Python and JS programmer. I think it is a good idea if you are a bit desperate about money (after all we all have to pay the bills right?), I’m doing it myself and in my free time I try to make cool and complex projects for my portfolio to help me when I decide to look for a developer position.

I try to be optimistic. Experience you gain from being a QA can be taken when you move to developer.

Put it this way, QA to developer is easier than no job/ no experience to developer. Definitely try reaching out the alumni networks and your schools career resources, including career fairs and internship fair

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