Finding first dev job in Bay Area...Help!

So I am in the Bay Area. Tons of opportunity out here for developer jobs, but also a ton of competition! I do NOT have a BS in Computer Science, I am 31 (almost 32), and have a pretty sizable portfolio. I think I am good enough for a junior developer spot but it has been pretty tough finding full time work. I have only been looking for a month, but have not gotten many hits. I even did a 6 week contract position at in August. I am not saying job offers should be coming my way left and right, just getting discouraged and not sure if I am going about this search correctly.

My primary job hunt tools:

AngelList for startups

Hire Dev meetups

And when not looking for jobs I am working on the fullstack FCC projects.

Any tips for those who landed a job in a competitive area (or non competitive)?

Maybe try to work remotely?
Just an idea!