Alerts, badges etc seem to be slow or not show at all

Anyone else notice?

if (msg.length < 20){
 document.getElementById("BS").innerHTML("More BS");

I might need more coffee, but I have no idea what you’re talking about :slight_smile:


on this forum, alert badges on my avatar are not showing up until hours later. even when I have already read the post.

I know one or 2 others are seeing it too.

or do you need a quick js lesson on my code? :grin:

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Probably :sweat_smile:

I did a quick view-source, ctrl-F to see if that code was on the forum…but didn’t dig to deep and didn’t find it.

I saw the post in meta as well, which made it make more sense…in fact, I’m about to post in that thread too…very meta.

the code makes my message 20 characters to please the bot gods :smiley: haha

Oh, I see - it’s unrelated filler!

I usually just throw a few markdown smilies in there…their longform :smiley: eats up a few characters, so you can get away with a one word reply like

Nice! :fireworks: :balloon:

version rollback. be done with it.

Also noticed not all thread contributers are showing in the all catagories view

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Looking into this. What form of notifications are you referring to being slow ?( Site motivations or email) ?

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Site motivations - badges and stuff like that

Haven’t seen an email for days now you mention it.

just checked, 11th nov was the last email, for a message notification.

Ok, thanks. We will look into this! Thank you all for bringing up the issue and commenting on it!

How do I make a wiki at the top of the thread with an issues list?

All of the issues are reported here:

Okay, thanks so much! :slight_smile:

I will look into the notification issue tomorrow if it persists. I’m not sure why that one old locked article showed up under “hot” view. I’ve made it unlisted.


Probably because it got locked and the algorithm loves a juicy scandal.

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