That feeling when... (Open Discussion Encouraged)

You think of an absolutely brilliant tweet. You nest it into those 140 characters as clever as humanly possible, feeling confident that in fact every single person that follows you will find it as perfectly brilliant as you did. You hit that ‘tweet’ button. And to your surprised, your phone isn’t immediately going off the wall. In fact, it’s completely silent. One minute goes past, then 5, 10, 30, an hour. No one notices your tweet. No one acknowledges your self proclaimed wittiness. Not even a single-pity like, for your efforts.

[(This feeling) x 10] + someEmbarrassment
Is what I currently feel, for pouring my little genuine heart out.
Via a post, introducing myself to forum for first time, providing a backstory, and requesting for some fresh eyeballs to glance at my portfolio page I worked so hard on. :cry:

It probably doesn’t help my chances of receiving any kind of response that my post was instantly moved to the project feedback section by a moderator. And I may be wrong because I am new to the site. But from my, small sample size, observations, it appears that the main-page of the forum, which reads that it is displaying either Latest or Top post from “All Categories”. Is in fact, not a list of posts from all categories. My detective work resulted in not being able to find a single Project-Feedback posting, in the subset “Latest”, in “All Categories”.

So I guess I was just wondering, why?
Why is the category project feedback, excluded from all categories?

And I’m not here to start a pity party. I just feel like this is a mistake. It seems like, at least one, of the main ideas of FCC is to encourage new people to learn to code. I don’t think it’s very encouraging to, in a way, hide their project feedback post from being seen. By not making them appear in “all categories”, seems counterintuitive.

No offense but, who is going to go, out of their way, to click on the “project feedback” category, in order to respond to these posting. Well the answer is, probably no one. The only (majority of) people going to this category, are the people who are looking for feedback on their own projects themselves. It’s no wonder it’s a ghost town over there. And who is going to come back to the forum to post their next completed project, down the road from now, when they didn’t get any feedback on this one. Which I assume has resulted into a snowball effect of less and less activity in the category.

Idk just feels like this wouldn’t be the case, if it was included into the ecosystem of the All Categories forum.

What do you guys think about this topic?

Hi there. Sorry you feel rejected. I promise you it’s nothing personal. It was decided that the project feedback section would be unlisted from the main feed because of the sheer volume of posts, most of which were for the tribute and portfolio pages. They are still viewable to anyone who browses the category, but the forum’s main focus is on community, helping with specific problems, and discussing various topics related to professional programming. The last step in each project actually encourages you to share with your friends and family rather than the community, not because we don’t care, but because if everyone shared here expecting feedback, there would be thousands of projects to go through and almost no one willing to go through them. As you said yourself,

It’s almost a part time job to keep up with the demand - I know this first-hand. That’s how it’s always been, even when feedback requests were on the main thread. As forum mods, it’s partly our job to keep the forums clean (it’s actually everyone’s job if they’ve reached the first trust level, but almost nobody knows this), so Ben moved your post to the project feedback section.

You don’t need to feel embarrassed or excluded. If you would like, I can split your intro topic into two other topics - one with your introduction, the other with your project and feedback request. Your intro can be listed on the main feed (fair warning, these intro topics also tend to be unlisted after a short time because of the aforementioned issue of volume) and a link to your project topic included. If you’d rather your intro stick around, it can be instead posted to the main introduction thread. When this reaches the predefined Discourse thread size limit, it will have to be retired as well (we’re on #2). If you’d like to be better known here, I encourage you to just jump in and start interacting. Ask questions, provide answers, and bring insight to conversations. The fact is that freeCodeCamp has been growing, and the forum is getting more popular every day. We have to strike a good signal-to-noise ratio in terms of what members come here looking for, and what they come here to say.

I’m sorry your project didn’t get the attention it deserves. It’s just a big crowd here!


Not at all ! I try to visit regularly!

I’ve just seen you being super helpful about JS Word Blanks and I’m sorry you feel this way - but to be fair I see you joined 23 hours ago?

So yes, feedback might not be immediate - I think a lot of us are still tipsy/trying to remember that guy/girl’s name and oh my God where have I put my clothes ! - sort of thing.

Heading to the Feedback section right now :slight_smile:

[edit] and that’s a reason why I sometimes say nothing… because I’m just not good enough to provide constructive advice - your work looks amazing and that’s all I can say…

@PortableStick what do you mean, what are we supposed to do?

I don’t remember exactly which trust level is required, but you may see the pencil icon next to other member’s post titles.

Clicking this lets you change which category the post is in. The intent is that everyone who has been here long enough would be keeping the forum clean so mods can spend more time sitting back and sipping piña coladas. In practice, I’m not sure it’s the best idea, but it’s not well known anyways so I’m not worried. Just know that if you see this icon, you can be deputy moderator!

roooo… good to know. Though I’ve had my topics moved too so I guess I’d better take care of my own stuff first. Thanks for the reply!

ahhh sorry it took me so long to respond. I was restricted from replying for a time because my account is so new it limited my replies.

I really appreciate your response.
To be honest I hadn’t considered many variables you pointed out.
And your explanation really helped me understand why the threads are configured the way the are. I appreciate the you for taking time out of your day to communicate, to a new member like me, your insight on the subject. :relaxed:

And in regards to splitting my post into different topics.
I honestly feel super satisfied just hearing from you about my 2nd posting.
To the extent that I won’t insist you go out of your way to make my long boring intro so more people can see it :stuck_out_tongue:
In the future, I’ll be more conscious of the topics my post contain, and where it seems appropriate, split them into separate post entirely. Which in hind-sight I can see I should have done with my initial posting [here] (
Thanks again for your patience, kind words, and clear explanations to ease my mind. I look forward to seeing you around and being involved in this community!
-Cheers :blush: