What's going on with Project Feedback?

I have noticed that most devs here don’t usually go to the Project Feedback section. It’s really disappointing because most people starting out need a guiding hand and a confidence boost. It’s really quite disappointing when you work for hours even days on a project and you’re so psyched about it, you share it, and only get about 5 clicks and no reply. It’s very demoralizing, and leaves you puzzled. Is my work good? is it so bad they don’t wanna hurt my feelings? what’s going on?

Probably lots of reasons … One i think being projects no longer show up in the … All Categories … for a while there i thought no one was finishing projects until it was pointed out you have to use the filter to go to project feedback … so that affect people like me who never filter have to remember to go to this category and have a look.

If you really want a project critiqued one way is to message a fellow camper and ask them to look at your project give them the link to where you posted it in the project feedback … i did this as i wanted some specific feedback on my calculator and no one had given feedback. This is a good way but remember to ask the person if they have the time, would they mind and also dont be upset if they cant … as others can be unreal busy and might like to but just dont have the time.
I am available for this … though i am extremely busy … studying every hour I can plus im married with two kids … i have to really work on using my time efficiently. Downside im very picky and hate having to give negative critique … so if someone choose me to critique a project eg portfolio … i would hope to see a responsive page minimum … that works on mobile as well as desktop … design and aesthetics arent important. So be prepared i will point out errors even though i dislike having to do so … as this is how we learn.

Another thing that should help is critiquing other peoples work and ask them then to look at your work … i would presume if I was to check someones project out and ask them to look at mine they would be willing so people could try that.

Is my work good … This you should be able to answer yourself … as it totally depends on the standards you set yourself. What one person considers good another might not … main thing you should be asking … I think is … dose this work properly … is it doing what it is supposed to do.

… yes people starting out need a hand and a confidence boost … if FCC is your first ever point of contact with coding and web development … you will actually need more of a helping hand than others … eg i had done some html and css and some javascript as im sure others had before they found FCC … so starting FCC wasnt too difficult … but if you hadnt done anything before FCC and were relying on only what FCC taught to get the things like tribute and portfolio pages done it is going to be a very difficult task and you will probably struggle a lot more than someone who had prior experience before joining FCC
And those that ask for help i think get that help … best advice i could give to those starting FCC and finding things difficult is read all the forum posts old and new there is some great advice on what to watch and learn in the posts … i found links to great stuff others left when answering questions that were asked.
any way my post is getting too long so better leave room for others to answer your question.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I found that most people ( just checked a few ) who put their project up for feedback don’t take the time to critique others. For people who just start that is perfectly fine, but if you are asking for feedback on your pomodoro you should be able to give your opinion on someone’s tribute or portfolio page.


I am going to look into seeing if we cant expose the project feedback category more than what it is.


Exactly! Many just create a topic with a single link to codepen and wonder why no one looks at their project (not directed to the topic author). At the same time all the topics they’ve created were asking for feedback, and all the answers they have posted were in their own topics (also not directed to the topic author).

I’m personally very hesitant to give constructive feedback to unknowns (someone once replied that it’s their project and my opinion is irrelevant. So why they ask for a feedback then? :confused: <-- confused, not sad) and giving cookie-cutter responses like “Looks great, nice job” is not really valuable (ok, maybe for the Tribute and for the first draft of Portfolio, as encouragement).

Also as your projects get more advanced there are less people who can give you a feedback.

And since Projects are no longer showing on the main page I only remember about that category when I get notification that someone liked or replied to one of my older posts.


Hello can you tell me how to add five day forecast to my weather app? link

I think your question would be better off in the “Help/Questions” category. But as far as I know, the OpenWeather API requires you to pay to be able to carry out such requests…

Great point … had a feeling this was going to happen when they removed them form main page as im like this … had to think others would be too[quote=“jenovs, post:5, topic:63209”]
giving cookie-cutter responses like “Looks great, nice job” is not really valuable

very true … iv seen replies like this and then i check the project and it dosent do what its intended to do … understand though … its not easy telling someone what they have done wrong for fear of offending [quote=“jenovs, post:5, topic:63209”]
it’s their project and my opinion is irrelevant

seriously thats baddd … glad you ignored it and still offer your help …[quote=“BenGitter, post:3, topic:63209”]
if you are asking for feedback on your pomodoro you should be able to give your opinion on someone’s tribute or portfolio page.

Yep that makes perfect sense …

Well all these responses are true. I personally review other people’s work. Especially those related to the one I just completed, usually about 2 or 3. I feel I do my part when it comes to feedback, If only everybody could do this. I mean all this would be resolved if Portfolio people reviewed other portfolios and pomodoro people reviewed other pomodoros. I feel maybe a prompt of some kind after posting a topic in the “Feedback” category urging you to review other projects as the one you just completed could really be a step to resolving this.

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I like @DavidTheProgrammer’s idea. It would be nice if the forum software could push users gently towards giving feedback, maybe in one of those light blue boxes that appear under the menu bar sometimes.

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Hi David,

As some of the other campers who’ve responded here have pointed out, posts in the Project Feedback category no longer show up in the main news feed.

Our forum moderation team (which I’m a part of) agreed that this made the main news feed much more interesting. Before, half of all the posts on the newsfeed were requests for feedback on projects (most commonly tribute pages). Now the news feed is filled with more interesting discussions about resources, and answers to technical questions.

If you look at the project feedback category, most of the projects do get feedback. I go there and give feedback when time permits, and many other campers do to.


I’m no dev yet but i did used to leave lots of feedback for the earlier projects. So FWIW I must admit that I have started to only answer them after viewing the users other posts. Much like has been said in this thread I’ll review if its the first post and an early project or user has lots of posts outside of “feedback” on their own projects.

I find some of the ways feedback is asked for rude too. Feedback on my tribute page and then just a link to a codepen… er no, how about please or thank you for looking. I know there are language and cultural differences but as far as I’m aware manners are free and part of each culture all over the world. USE 'EM!

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Thing I noticed is that people are posting questions and non-FCC related projects and ask for algorithm reviews in that category and don’t get any response.

Feedback category is a place where topics go to die.

…when someone (usually one of the mods) go on a feedback spree.

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It seems you can mute individual categories. Have you tried that?

A suggestion @QuincyLarson - create one extra category in the filters called “Everything” or “Kitchen Sink” and have all posts included in it. This way, for people like me who watch as posts roll in, you have the opportunity to see all posts. Leave the default view as it is to keep the main forum’s feed on-point and uncluttered, but this way the few folks that are really bothered by this recent change have the option to select a filter to make things the way they were before the change. Everyone gets what they want…


I do try to review people’s work but I can’t get very far - in the level of the project (how the hell could I review Simon Game!)- and in my review. I usually now less than the person showing their work. All I end up doing is trying to help with html css - usually by copy/paste and trying to fix it. But I can hardly ever give useful feedback.


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Thanks for the suggestion, Rick.

Literally the only category suppressed from the main page is the project feedback thread. Wouldn’t it be just as easy to navigate to that thread directly, or to bookmark it? https://forum.freecodecamp.com/c/project-feedback

Also, I don’t think Discourse provides the functionality to create such a custom view that mixes specific categories together (that is, all categories). If you can figure out a way for us to create it, I could try to create this custom newsfeed and you could then bookmark that.

Hey Quincy - I know nothing really about Discourse, but I suppose I can take some time away and have a look to see what may be done. On the surface of it the functionality to do this would seem be straight forward, but as I said, I’m just like Sergeant Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes - I know nothing… Nothing…

If I find a way I’ll let the guys know. Thanks for getting back.

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