Reviewing projects

Hey FCC community, I hope all is well.
I was one of the first people to join this forum back when it first started. At that time, I was a person that was working a dead end job, 50+ hours a week changing oil in cars… boy have I come a long way.

I contributed to the forum and helped people in everyway which eventually led to me becoming a product owner at fcc. I had fallen in love with building software and nearly 4 years later, as I sit here and type this, I am a software engineer working a full time job for a telecommunications company…I even own my own startup. Without free code camp, I would not be where I am today.

With all this being said, I have seen your projects change and transform over the years. I have given feedback via messaging and replying to topics but It is time that I take it a step further and start reviewing project over video and recording it. I am going to review one project a day and give you my honest feedback. These reviews will be posted on my YouTube channel for you to see. I want you to become the awesome developer that you strive to be.

I have also started creating tutorials on different frameworks and languages so you will see me post some of those on my youtube channel as well.

I look forward to reviewing your projects. Here is my first review of a portfolio and I hope you enjoy it…

much love :slight_smile:


I think this is a really wonderful idea. It’s great you’ve come so far and got so much out of free code camp. Hearing stories like that is very encouraging and helps give me the hope and confidence that with enough determination and hard work maybe I can get out of my own dead end.

I can’t wait to check out and subscribe to your channel! I wish you every success with it.

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Hey man, I watched Ep 1. Pretty fun. Seeing you might be helpful to increase engagement (a little OBS setup or something with a webcam). Following your mouse with a circle to highlight it would also improve viewer experience, even if you don’t want to do the webcam.

Your delivery is personable, so that’s good. Your critiques seemed appropriate, especially as they pertained to what they communicate to potential employers re: completeness and potential errors when coming from the perspective of particular frameworks.

Good job. You got a like and subscribe from me!


Thanks a lot. I really need to do an article on my free code camp journey. Also, thank you for the feedback. I am going to do one review a day. I can be pretty silly sometimes so the next video might not have as much enthusiasm lol :wink:

Dude, you rock. I actually got my web cam in today. I will take your advice and highlight the mouse as well. You seriously have no idea how much that feedback means to me.

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to send them my way. I just hope the FCC community realizes that I am not trying to talk bad about their projects. I seriously want them to improve and give them an experienced developers point of view.

Once again, thanks so much for the feedback. It made my day

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Well, this n=1 subset of “the community” doesn’t take it that way at all. These are all people requesting to be reviewed, right? Taking critiques well (and fixing the problem) is a huge asset to anyone in any field, but especially one where the changes are concrete and verifiable. “Critique should map onto changes, and changes should be a pure function of critique, not emotion.” Feel free to modify and reuse that thought for any purpose without attribution (public domain).

So true. Yes, these are people that are wanting feedback for their projects. What you said makes perfect sense.

I’ve watched both critiques that were up there so far and I appreciated that while one had more opportunities for improvements that the other, in each case you were fair and measured. You tried to find some good and some opportunities for improvement and were very encouraging in both cases.

I don’t think it hurt at all that in both you had a reminder that this is in the spirit of helping people take what they’ve got and make it even better. I know some people feel that shouldn’t be necessary and in an ideal world it wouldn’t be because people would assume good intentions. Even among porgrammers there are people of all personalities, cultural backgrounds etc and I think the tone you’ve set so far has been just right.

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Thank you so much for the feedback. I will keep this in mind when making videos

Mine have been a little slap-dash on purpose, so it would be really easy to talk bad about them! I’m trying to work through them quickly ticking the required boxes, then going back and improving them right afterwards and plan on revisiting to tweak along my “journey”. I already have redesign ideas but am trying to get done with all the first certification projects in a week as a personal challenge so…my survey page looks about as professional as the one I made back in 1998 when I learned HTML just for that and there was no CSS.

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We need to know how to take criticism, too. Your/my/their coworkers aren’t going to think you/I/they fart rainbows and negative feedback will happen.

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Yeah of course, I don’t disagree at all. Colleagues may even be far less kind in some cases, but even if they are, chances are they’re not going to be giving negative comments on a space as public as youTube.

There are people who think they can be as abrasive as they like when they provide feedback, in the name of being honest and providing criticism. I’m sure there are even people who would find it quite entertaining to see work someone has spent considerable time on being ruthlessly shred to pieces, but chances are the person it was intended to help will have tuned out long ago.

I’m not saying use kid gloves or anything, merely expressing that for me - I thought it was done well.

On a different note - I’ve been taking a similar approach too. My first tribute page was really basic, and didn’t really have much content. Just enough to pass the tests. For me it didn’t ‘feel complete’ but it was still a good exercise to do. Since then I’ve gone back and done more work on it and feel much happier about using it as a portfolio piece.

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This is very true lol

+1 for the subscription, i like what your doing, good job man :clap:

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Thank you so much! The feedback helps a lot and gives me ideas to make sure I keep doing a good job for you guys!

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