Question about project review

I’m new to FCC. I just joined a few days ago, and after finishing my first project, I noticed that it has still not been evaluated. What is the normal protocol/time period for project review?

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Nobody evaluates your project. When you complete all required challenges you get certificate automatically. If you want to get a feedback on your project you can post it on this forum.

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Without feedback is the project not devoid of learning potential? If I write a book and have it shipped to a deserted island, my writing skills will not improve as a result of positive/negative feedback. If the project has no standards, it has no meaning.

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create your own (moving) standard with the user stories of the projects as the lowest bench mark, once you are able to achieve all the user stories then refactor, improve, in a feedback loop.


After I complete each project, I generally start browsing on code pen for other similar projects by campers and compare the results. Sometimes, I’m happy with my project, and other times I get some ideas and can self-critique myself based on the projects of others.

In addition, I always go back to my projects and update them. They’re all part of my ongoing portfolio of projects, there is no pass/fail for me, just making them better so that I can eventually get a position.

Hope that helps. I’m pretty new to FCC and it’s definitely a unique learning platform, it’s certainly very much up to the individual to critique themselves, but in many ways I like it.


Every project has user stories and an example of what you should build. These are the standarts.
Freecodecamp is a nonprofit organisation after all. Do you really expect someone to check thousands of submitted projects for free?


You can post a link to your codepen on the “Project Feedback” subforum here. Reddit also has a web development subreddit where you can ask for project feedback ( There may not be any formal grading on fCC, but there are tons of resources elsewhere on the internet to get the feedback you want. You just need to look for them :grin:


If I’m not mistaken, your projects will be reviewed before you’re allowed to do work for one of FCC’s affiliated charities (although that means waiting until you’ve completed all 3 certificates).

No. You can start working on open source for good whenever you want.

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FCC is on a kind of an “honor system”. People are expected to work hard and submit projects that are working and meet the requirements. As mentioned, you can submit your project to the forum for peer feedback.

As to the value of the certificates, I would say that no certificate is worth all that much. A certificate is just a piece of paper. A certificate will not get you a job. What will get you a job is a great portfolio with lots a cool apps. And building these FCC projects are a great way to populate your portfolio with some cool little apps of increasing complexity, using a variety of libraries. That is the real benefit of FCC, in terms of future employability. I think of the certificates as goals and milestones for me on my path of learning. I put them on my resume, but I also know that they aren’t the most important thing for getting a job.

And as pointed out, FCC is a small, beginning nonprofit with a small staff. There is no way they could review and grade the (I’m guessing) 1000 projects that get completed every day. Remember that they are reaching a global audience.

Just learn and do your best. The real reward is the knowledge and the portfolio pieces.


I’m planning on hiring a mentor to review my projects. Especially people who have achieved some level on the ffc. This platform is free but I doubt it one person can help you by giving you deliberate feedback unless you’re paying them by the hour, which is what I’m planning on doing.

You can hire somebody to review your code if you like, but it’s been my experience that folks here on the forums give good feedback on projects for free.