Do projects get graded?

I finished the tribute page a few days ago and uploaded to codepen.

Do the projects get graded?
Is there a pass/fail given after a few days?

Or do I just submit, and keep going onto the next project?

Thanks for your time!

You can post your project in the #project-feedback section, to check in with the community if it is as good as it can be, but otherwise no, there is not a grading system

Ahh I see, thank you for the quick response! (:slight_smile:

Since FCC has millions of users, it would take several people working full-time to evaluate all the projects. It’s a really good idea to share your projects here in the forum, but also with your friends or family.

Completely agree with you, plus I feel like constructive critisism can be really helpful. Will probobly post my tribute link later tonight :slight_smile:

I am curious. The codepenDOTio only allows one project per user unless you go pro. I can’t do that right now. If I erase the project contents that was used on a submission, then replace the contents with the next challenge, this will not affect anything as far as maintaining checkmarks?
Just making sure.

Unless something changed recently, CodePen allows multiple pens per user for free.


You do not need to make it a project, make it a pen.


Apologies for my delinquent reply. Thank you both kindly. This clear up everything.

This is something I’ve wondered about. If FCC isn’t looking at the projects how then are they ensuring that the MVP (user stories passing) is met before issuing a certificate?

I actually figured this out last week, but if you’re on the projects instruction page, on the bottom of the page there is a tag that you include in the HTML section of codepen. When you include this script, it opens the popup and checks your code to see if it passes. Just like there example code.

Some of my projects no longer pass though because I’ve updated them to my liking :slight_smile:

You also mention it does not check before issuing the certificate. And i believe this is true.

You’re on the honor system. You sign an academic honestly pledge, and if you break it you’re only hurting yourself. FCC does take reports of plagiarism seriously and has revoked certificates for it.

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Are you a bot? jk :slight_smile:

Thats good, plus I don’t see the point in faking your way to the certificate. I imagine it would show when that person trys to get a job or needs to create a page from scratch.