Do feedback a lot

Hello everybody.

I am writing this to encourage the FCC community to give more feedback, especially on the tribute and portfolio projects. I think it is sad to see all the posts that have 30-40 views but no one has replied to it. You can see them all here if you desire.

Imagine someones first week here at FCC and they work up the courage to share with us what they have built just hoping to be acknowledged, accepted, and receive some critiques. They see that people have been viewing their post but no one is commenting on it. I, and I think most of us, have been on that side of things and it is not a good feeling.

When you are replying, might I recommend using the ACE technique. Acknowledge, Critique, and Encourage.

Acknowledge - Acknowledge something about the project. This may be the first webpage they have ever built. So while it is probably not the best webpage you have ever viewed, there is something good about it. If nothing else they spent time and effort building this page and we should acknowledge them for that.

Critique - Give them some feedback. Everybody’s work can be improved. Share something that you think they could do better next time. Maybe they just used inline css, encourage them move it to an external file. Maybe it is a really simple page, encourage to try more things next time. Maybe the color scheme they picked just isn’t working, let them know.

Encourage - Always encourage them to do better. The point of FCC is for people to progress in their knowledge and abilities. Encouragement from anyone will help them do that. I usually say something like “Keep learning and trying new things.”

To finish up, I just want to say I am glad to be apart of this community, I am rooting for you guys and hope you do great things!



Really good reminder! Thanks for the friendly courtesy check!

I am definitely guilty of this! Thanks for the reminder Stefan!

I agree with OP.

Beginners, especially, should do this task, look at other people’s code, and try to help/debug.

Personally, the fastest rate of learning (and the kind of learning that sticks to your brain) happens when you’re debugging code. Followed by writing original code. Not watching a video or reading.

Unfortunately, these type of project feedback postings only appear on “Project Feedback” and not the “All Categories” so people have to go out of their way to actually view these kind of posts. (i.e. All Categoreis = all categories - project feedback)

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