Algorithmic trouble

I am having a lot of trouble solving algorithms and also i am writing sloppy and bad code,Also they are taking days to solve and still gives most inefficient solutions.what am i doing wrong and what should i do?
I am in intermediate algorithms section.

It sounds to me like you are doing absolutely nothing wrong! The intermediate algorithms are hard!

Here’s some previous discussion about them; you are definitely not alone:

I have to agree with @JacksonBates – the intermediate algorithms are hard. The advanced ones are of course even more difficult. In fact, I had four or five of the advanced algorithms that I got stuck on. It took me weeks to figure them out. I eventually skipped ahead to working on the projects and then revisited them. Even still, there is one that I have yet to figure out.

When I got stuck on an intermediate algorithm, I skipped to the next in the list and tried to work on that. Sometimes, I just had to walk away for a while and come back with fresh eyes.

I think the point of these exercises is to stretch the way we think. That means that at times we are going to be stumped for a while.

From what I have heard from others, your experience is absolutely normal, and you are doing things right.

Happy Coding!

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